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So somebody I've known for over a year called me on Skype last Friday night and was like "POOP! Come play with me on this Avatar server!" After she explains what it is and I reassemble the pieces of my mind I log on to see it in action. Honestly, it is the most AMAZING plug-in I've ever used. Yeah, it's not a mod (sadly), it's a plug-in and apparently it's always being updated but right now it's super cool. It'll get even cooler soon. So go look it up on Youtube and then find the link to it (because idk where to fucking get it) and download it on your server as soon as possible!
Earth, water, fire, air. These are the elements you get, just like in the series. Jeez Avatar the Last Airbender was so cool. Korra was cool from what I hear, didn't really watch too much of the series because I was told it would confuse me because I didn't watch much of the first series. This person that told me about this also has been working on a new bending server of her own, it'll be lag free, pvp, all that cool stuff. If you lag then it's just your shitty connection. It's a work in progress so no IP.
Thanks for reading, peace out mah creepas.
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March 17, 2013, 12:08 pm

Here is mine:
Check it out!

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