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Level 30 : Artisan Ninja
CaptainSparklez is a very Famous Minecraft Player. (Duh) Shush mind. Anyway he has come up with alot of songs and some reason people fake to being him which is not cool : . They either say "Im CaptainSparklez on a diffrent account" Yeah im pretty sure Jordan has 2 accounts. Or People use This Cracked Minecraft Thing which i dont get i think its for users without accounts or cant buy the game. But anyway people use the cracked thing and i heard you type any username you want (Can be a already Players user) then put a random password in i think. Then they log on to the account. Yeah..... they say "IM CAPTAINSPARKLEZ!" yeah dont copy him Jordan is who Jordan is so dont copy his account thats not nice you know just put a random name in the thing and there log into a fake account. SO Anyway i put a video of CaptainSparklez in the blog so Enjoy the Video Please Diamond Comment and Subcribe to my PlanetMinecraft account and go to CaptainSparklez account and Subscribe and like his videos :) And if CaptainSParklez is reading this I hope you get a bunch of subscribers im one of them :)

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Level 30
Artisan Ninja
August 23, 2012, 9:37 am

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