Cracked Games Vs. Free Flash Games


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We all have heard of cracked games and uncracked games if we have visited enough of the web and downloaded enough illegally free games, but there are solutions that are legal, this is the truth of online gaming that game developers that make a huge multimillion dollar salary don't want you to know. Get ready because you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of free flash games and cracked games, so you can choose which to do the most often.

**note: I do NOT support cracked games, I am merely helping you to know more about what you are currently doing so that you know the consequences good and bad of cracking games and an alternate option!!!***

Free Flash Games

The Advantages:

You can be almost sure that they will work and won't use up your hard drive as much as cracked games will, and you can also play as much of them as you want usually at no charge at all, you can even find tutorials and guides sometimes, just make sure you choose the right site, to avoid porn and other inappropriate content that you would not want to experience. You can also play these games knowing that they will not be as likely to hijack your computer and steal your identity, another advantage is that there are over 64,600 games out there, I just got that number from the amount on one site! Make sure you be careful and don't share information when signing up for sites, its okay to put up a little information, but too much is not safe!

The Disadvantages:

These games wouldn't have the regular 3D type graphics or very long games that pirated games and games you have actually bought would, so don't be expecting much from them. They also can have inappropriate content if you aren't careful enough, some can really still use up your hard drive, and some contain phishing, something where it can steal your information if you sign up and stuff, just look at a review for the site before signing up with any information and never post private information unless you know it is safe.

Cracked Games:

The Advantages:

Great 3D graphics and HD games, they also can be very fun to play, although I do recommend that eventually you do buy the game though, because you don't want to deprive the hardworking company that published it from it's money.... Do you? Anyways, these can range from easy to get safely to nearly impossible to even hear of, they can be very good in the quality most of the time and give you little side effects... Usually...

The Disadvantages

Can contain viruses, which can steal your information, damage your computer, and/or corrupt your files, sometimes work very slowly and poorly, especially games that have offline_mode, because it checks to make sure you are not using a cracked client or something like that and when it realizes your account hasn't really bought the game or got it in some other legal manner, it won't work. This mostly happens in multiplayer though, because they can't limit singleplayer because it could just be messing up. Another disadvantage is that your account could get deleted because the owners of the game don't like that you have a cracked game and will get angry.
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