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In this Tutorial I will go through the many ways to make Youtube video's. Also if you want you can post all the Minecraft video's I helped you make on my website at www.zmolahah.com then on media (You will need to sign up first).

Good Mac Screen Recorders:

Podcast Publisher- This is often free with most Macs and great at recording video's the only problem is it does not record audio.

Screen Recorder Pro- This can be found on the app store and is only £5.49 there is also a free lite version for free both record the screen & Audio + you can configure the area to record I'm not 100% sure if you can get this with windows though. To find this just simply search Screen recorder pro on the App store if your on a Mac.

Good Windows Screen Recorders:

Fraps- Fraps is good for recording audio and your screen it also only records your Minecraft if you configure it too but if you want to make professional video's I recommend Camtasia Studio more. Even though I prefer Camtasia Studio Fraps is a much cheaper option and only £24.95 you can get it by clicking here.

Good Windows & Mac Screen Recorders:

Camtasia Studio is a amazing screen recorder but it's not exactly cheap. With Camtasia Studio it can record in HD and it very good quality when it's recording and audio recording. I get no lag when I'm recording with this it also comes with a free 30 day trial and a Editing software. It's not as good as Sony vegas or anything like that but it's still useful for simple video's and you can always put a clip recorded from Camtasia onto Sony vegas. Camtasia has different versions to buy so I can't really say the price but I think it's cheaper for Mac then Windows. To get Camtasia click here.

Good Mac Editing Software:

iMovie- iMovie comes free with some of the newer Mac's but I would not recommend it. It's super simple to use but the editing is very limited since it's not meant for professional use just for family's

Final Cut Pro- This is about the best you can get for editing Video's on a Mac other then after effects but I'm not really a big fan of Final Cut Pro to be honest but it is much cheaper that after effects. It's £199.99 and can be found on the App store

Good Windows Editing Software:

Vegas Pro 11- I love Sony Vegas it's nice and simple after you get the hang of it also it has so much things you can do with it. It costs around $600 and you can get it here.

Good Mac And Windows Editing Software:

Adobe after effects- Adobe is a very nice professional editing software for video's it's probably not as great as Sony Vegas in my opinion since it costs so much more and does not do much more then what Sony Vegas does and it costs $999.00 (I don't know how much this is in £) but its worth a look at. Click here to check it out.

How to make Minecraft Animations using Blender:

If you don't know what I mean by this there is a great video here for a Minecraft animation and this is how to make video's like this just click here

First you will need Blender that you can get by clicking here.

And then theres a lovely and easy starter for your Minecraft animation here.

Also if you have no idea how to use blender and make the animation click here for a great tutorial video (Not made by me)

If there is anymore information or help you need or are having problems with my tutorials and advice please tell me as either a reply to this or at Zmolahah.com
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