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How to configure Optifine with forge (1.6.2 and up)

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So here is how to make Forge work with Optifine.

1. Download MagicLauncher
2. Download Optifine
(You should already have forge installed if you want this.)
3. Open up magic launcher. now: setup/add/optifine
4. To allow optifine: setup/advanced/parameters
put this code in parameters: -Dfml.ignorePatchDiscrepancies=true
5. Make sure you enviorment is forge,
and make sure the jar file is forge.
6.Now it should be compatible with Forge.
7. Launch the game with MagicLauncher
8. click mods and see it optifine is loaded.
9. There!

If installing mods with forge and using optifine:
1. Do the steps above first.
2. Make sure you added optifine FIRST.
3.Add your files to the game.
(Note that some mods cannot work with optifine)

Leave a diamond if this worked for you! Or a favorite! :D

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