How to create a good minecraft house


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1. Never make anything out of complete wood. What i do is yes make 1 full of wood on outside and a flashy inner part of the house. Also normally use glass it lights up the house. (and you can see people outside)

2. Make a doorbell a fewblocks away from your house. You never want uninvited guests in your home. Have a stone pressure plate and under connect redstone to noteblock that will play when they setp on it. Normally i make a horrible noise so it will get me there to see. OR in tekkit an alarm.

3. Have your chest hidden form view. Chest should never be in view it makes the rest of the house look ugly. Normally have it undeground it also helps so no one can steal it. (Unless they have X-ray)

4. Hvae evrything like a mormal house. DOnt make walls and stuff. I mean like bed are normally upstairs on a 2 storie building. Make it look like your house would be a modern house not a dirt house that would look very badly. (no cuss words there)

Hope it helps


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