How to Easily find NPC Villages with Tiny Render Distance


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Its super easy to find villages in Minecraft if you know how, and Render Distance makes no difference! All you're going to need is a map.

The great thing about using a map is, it will show the terrain in a 50 block radius around you, meaning you can know what's beyond the fog! Just be careful of cliffs...

To recognise an NPC Village on a map, you need to know that it is highly unlikely to find them outside of a Desert or Plains Biome (check with F3), and that the easiest feature to recognise is either the gravel path for Plains Villages, or the Farms for Desert Villages. Desert Villages may be a bit more difficult to spot on the map, as they are now made of Sandstone as of 1.3.1, but it's still a lot easier than just running around on Tiny!

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