How to install mods on your Minecraft game!


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Hello guys, Max here, and for you who dont know how install Minecraft mods, this is the Tutorial for you!

Step by step!
1. Download WinRar or 7-Zip
2. Download the mod
3. Download the requirements for the mod (Modloader, Forge, ect.)
4. Drag the Mod and its requirements to the desktop
5. Got to your .minecraft
7.Go in bin
8.Open the minecraft.jar with WinRar/7-Zip
9. Delete META-INF
10. Open the requirements of your mod with 7-Zip
11. Drag the files/classes from the requirements into the .jar
12. Open the mod with WinRar/7-Zip
13.Drag and drop those files in the .jar
13.Close them all then play minecraft!

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