How to make a: Cannon (Pirate ship)


The finished cannon

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Level 21 : Expert Modder
Ok all you want to know how to make a FULLY OPERATIONAL cannon?Well here

Materials:Lever,redstone,DispenserNether stairs,something black(ex.Black wool,Obsidian),And fire charge

Step 1:Put a Nether stair 1-3blocks back from frame(note the further back the cannon, the less presentable it is I put my NS 1 block back from the frame )

Step 2: Add the Obsidian/Black wool in the frame

Step 3:Add the dispenser on the FRONT of the Obsidian/wool

Step 4:Put the Fire charge(s) in the dispenser

Step 5: Put redstone on the Obsidian/Black wool ONLY

Step 6:Put the lever on the Obsidian/Black wool in FRONT of the Nether stairs

There you go

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Fear the creepers
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