How to make a cool simple house.


A finished house.

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Level 13 : Journeyman Architect
STEP 1: The first step of any building build is to find a good location to build said building. If you just want a simple house flat land is suggested. If you want more of an evil lair sort of this try find a mountain with abit of flatness on the side of it somewhere.
STEP 2: Build the foundations. Building foundations will let you know how big in terms of length and width you're building will be. Preferable make the foundations out of something noticeable. Always try stick to the foundations.
STEP 3: Flooring. Flooring is important in building for one reason. It look's good. Try make the flooring fit in with the walls of the building so that it looks natural. Try add a little pattern in it if you can.
STEP 4: Walling. Walling is obviously a necessity when building as it makes a clear structure. Try make it match with the flooring, or vice versa so that the whole thing looks natural.
STEP 5: Additional floors. Having a simple house is all well and good but what about if you need lots of room. Easily solvable, make another floor to the building. If you want to make you're building stand out more make an upstairs so that there is more room to store stuff while you can still see other things. The only problem with this is is that if there are windows people can see you're chests and stuff. Which is why some people prefer to build a basement so that people cannot see their stuff.
STEP 6: Roofing. To some people roofing a building is the hardest part, it all really depends on what you want and what shape the building is. For instance for a circle building you will want a cone roof which can be quite hard to make. Or you could want a hidden home so a flat roof for your building will suffice. If you do not want a flat room i suggest instead of just using the normal blocks for it if you can use the steps to give it a bit of texture and make it more interesting. It goes a long way having a good looking roof.
STEP 7: Interior design. If the roof doesn't catch you out this certainly will. With there not being a lot of furniture items in Minecraft you will have to improvise. Stairs with 2 signs on the sides make great looking chairs, and fences with pressure plates on make tables. Obviously you have the beds, but don't make it a single bed, make a double bed. Unless the width of the bedroom is an odd number for instance WWBBW, it looks better as WWBBWW.
You also have the paintings and bookshelves at you're disposal. The painting can be used to be fit every nook and cranny but don't over do it too many look bad. As for the bookshelves, well... they look kind of bad.

I hope this tutorial will help you make cool simple houses for the camera, friends, family... whatever.
Peace Out!
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  • war hawk 360
  • Level 12
  • Journeyman Ranger
  • June 1, 2012, 4:49 pm
how long would it take minecraft time
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  • Bakura240
  • Level 13
  • Journeyman Architect
  • June 1, 2012, 8:40 pm
It depends really. To get All the stuff for the exterior of the house shown it may take about 1 day depending how good you are at gathering resources. And depending on exactly what you want to build the time can vary. This particular house only took about 10 minutes to make. And as each Minecraft day is 15 minutes not a long time. But honestly it all depends on you're preferences, styles and gathering skills.
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