How to make a Minecraft 1.1.0 server (Hamachi) [Windows] Part 1-Setting Up Hamachi


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Hi, I know that there are tons of people who don't know how to make a Minecraft Server with Hamachi.

So first of all you need to download Hamachi. Here is the download. [Download] I recommend you download the unmanaged version.

Once that is downloaded double click the installer and install it, just follow the easy on screen instructions.

Now you need to create a network for you and your friends to join, your friends need to be connected to this to play on the server with you.

To do this click on Network then Create a new network... and choose a name and password and click Create Network.

Great you've created your network which you will play your server on.

Simply tell your friends the name and password of the network and they can join through the Join an existing network option underneath Network on Hamachi (Tell them how to get Hamachi).

This was step 1 of creating a minecraft 1.1.0 server with Hamachi on Windows.

Look out for part 2 by subscribing to me or just well, looking out for it

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This doe's not work! I did the steps, I made the Hamachi network. People connect to my Hamachi, but no one can connect to the server >:-(

Unless you can help, no diamond for u...
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  • Aidanator12321
  • Level 37
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  • February 2, 2012, 5:54 am
Just wait for me to do the whole tutorial

I am posting 1 a day so it should be finished in a few days
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