How to make an offline server using LAN!


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Im going to show ou how to set up an offline server.
its fairly simple...

You need: 2 computers (that can RUN Minecraft) 1 copy of minecraft and minecraft server. oh i forgot and an ethernet cable!

first start the computers...
If you have a windows that is not running the server go on your other computer

If mac: go to airport/open network preferences then click ethernet your ip will display type this in as your minecraft ip you will be connected now remember the ip this is the ip you will use if you are local-host.
Log in on one computer and play offline on the other.it wont work otherwise! :P

If you are windows please wait i will add for windows soon- might take a while because I can only run server on my mac because of RAM reasons sorry in advance but please wait by because im working on it :D

Thanks for supporting if there is anything wrong please let me know and ill fix it.Thanks. :D
(I will add pictures soon!)
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