How to Stop Minecraft Lag


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Hi Is you minecraft to laggy or slow well I will tell you how to stop that

Go on minecraft than>options>Video Settings>and change what is recommended

Do not have in on that setting (writing will be red)

Minecraft may not lag up on this setting (writing will be blue)

Recommend to have you setting on (writing will be yellow)



fast (Graphic quality are lower but makes minecraft farster

Fancy (Graphis are better but makes minecraft lag up

Render Distance:

Far (Far on minecraft probly will lag minecraft up)

Normal (on same computers minecraft could lag up when the distances in on normal.

Short (if minecraft lags up on short change your distances to Tiny

Tiny (Minecraft should not lag up)

Smooth Lighting:

on (Makes minecraft light more smoother and makes minecraft realistic)

off (Makes minecraft less realistic)

View Bobbing:

on (makes the view you are seeing on minecraft bob like the person is bobbing

off (makes the bobing off the on minecraft off)


on (you will see clouds in the sky)

off (You will not see clouds in the sky)

Spoiler for game booster

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