Is Minecraft getting overrated?

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Is minecraft getting overrated. well the reason people might think minecraft is overrated is!

#1 Youtube. yes youtube all you have to do is type minecraft on the search bar and you get a Sh** ton of video's and songs about it. why people like making so much videos about it you ask? well its because of Views getting views means getting popular! don't get me wrong nothing wrong about making Mc Videos but sometimes some Mc videos are Lame yes lame not the minecraft but the guy that made it. not saying all youtubers that make Mc videos are lame am talking about the people that don't spend time polishing thier vids and you get stuck hearing background noise or no sound and sometimes low quality and you might hear nothing but gibbirsh for the guy talking. and lame Mc videos lead to haters which leads us to our next topic

#2 Haters the formula of a overrated game is! a equal amount of haters and a equal amount of die hard fans! game raging war against each other in a never ending comment. which leads us to the next topic

#3. Die hard Fans ah yes the die hard fans. just like in every awesome game you get fans and some fans just really love the game and love is blind so they blindly defend the game against the haters even how much they make themselves look stupid. but all in all what makes a game awesome is not the graphics or the eye candy chicks its about how fun you have playing the game where hours are mins and mins are seconds and here i end it.

leave a comment below! saying about what makes a game overrated

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