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Hello everybody! Today we take a look at the amazing new update, Minecraft 1.4.2! Also known as the Pretty Scary Update. Mojang has just released it today, October 25, 2012. After 15 snapshots and 3 pre-releases, it is finally here. Some say that they are not excited about 1.4.2 because it is turning into an RPG. Well, in my opinion, ito s both a sandbox AND an RPG. Around the start, Notch was planning on making the game an RPG. Later, he let Jeb be the lead developer to help make the game like that. Now, it is pretty much both. Still think it is just an RPG? This is an RPG where you actually get to build your house.

Now, enough with the argument and leto s get to what has been added in this amazing update.

The Pretty Scary Update!

+ Added a beacon
+ Added flower pots
+ Added item frames
+ Added anvils
+ Added cobblestone walls
+ Added pumpkin pies
+ Added carrots and potatoes
+ Carrots can be put on a stick to control pigs while riding
+ Added a boss mob
+ Added a new skeleton type
+ Added witches
+ Added bats
+ Added mob heads that can be placed
+ Zombies now infect villagers, but can also be cured
+ Added wooden button
+ Items can be cloned with the o pick blocko action in Creative Mode
+ Items can be quickly moved to the hotbar by pressing 1 through 9 while hovering an item
+ Added /difficulty, /spawnpoint, /weather, /gamerule and /clear commands
+ Added o target selectorso for commands
+ Added option to hide capes
+ Added option to toggle vertical synch
+ Added customization to superflat worlds
+ Minor additions to the world generator
+ New potion recipes
+ Leather armor can be dyed
* Maps now start more zoomed in, and can be extended
* Redstone repeaters can now be set into a o lockedo position
* New sound effects
* Portals to the Nether can now transport items and mobs
* Adventure mode now allows placing and removing blocks, but only when using the correct tools
* Changed method of placing sideways wood logs
* Improved server list
* Improved debug (F3) options
* Spawn protection is now automatically disabled if there are no defined admins
- Removed Herobrine

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Lol the removed herobrine is just a joke that they do to prank minecraftians I even read it on twitter
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