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Level 35 : Artisan Modder
This is made with informational hyperlinks from http://minecraft-ids.grahamedgecombe.com/

0Air1Stone2Grass3Dirt4Cobblestone5Wooden Plank6Sapling6:1Redwood Sapling6:2Birch Sapling7Bedrock8Water9Stationary Water10Lava11Stationary Lava12Sand13Gravel14Gold Ore15Iron Ore16Coal Ore17Wood17:1Redwood17:2Birchwood18Leaves18:1Redwood Leaves18:2Birchwood Leaves19Sponge20Glass21Lapis Lazuli Ore22Lapis Lazuli Block23Dispenser24Sandstone25Note Block26Bed Block27Powered Rail28Detector Rail29Sticky Piston30Web31Dead Shrub31:1Tall Grass31:2Live Shrub32Dead Shrub33Piston34Piston Head35White Wool35:1Orange Wool35:2Magenta Wool35:3Light Blue Wool35:4Yellow Wool35:5Light Green Wool35:6Pink Wool35:7Gray Wool35:8Light Gray Wool35:9Cyan Wool35:10Purple Wool35:11Blue Wool35:12Brown Wool35:13Dark Green Wool35:14Red Wool35:15Black Wool37Dandelion38Rose39Brown Mushroom40Red Mushroom41Gold Block42Iron Block43Double Stone Slab43:1Double Sandstone Slab43:2Double Wooden Slab43:3Double Cobblestone Slab43:4Double Brick Slab43:5Double Stone Brick Slab44Stone Slab44:1Sandstone Slab44:2Wooden Slab44:3Cobblestone Slab44:4Brick Slab44:5Stone Brick Slab45Brick46TNT47Bookshelf48Mossy Cobblestone49Obsidian50Torch51Fire52Monster Spawner53Wooden Stairs54Chest55Redstone Wire56Diamond Ore57Diamond Block58Workbench59Wheat Crops60Soil61Furnace62Burning Furnace63Sign Post64Wooden Door Block65Ladder66Rails67Cobblestone Stairs68Wall Sign69Lever70Stone Pressure Plate71Iron Door Block72Wooden Pressure Plate73Redstone Ore74Glowing Redstone Ore75Redstone Torch (off)76Redstone Torch (on)77Stone Button78Snow79Ice80Snow Block81Cactus82Clay83Sugar Cane84Jukebox85Fence86Pumpkin87Netherrack88Soul Sand89Glowstone90Portal91Jack-O-Lantern92Cake Block93Redstone Repeater Block (off)94Redstone Repeater Block (on)95Locked Chest96Trapdoor97Stone (Silverfish)97:1Cobblestone (Silverfish)97:2Stone Brick (Silverfish)98Stone Brick98:1Mossy Stone Brick98:2Cracked Stone Brick99Red Mushroom Cap100Brown Mushroom Cap101Iron Bars102Glass Pane103Melon Block104Pumpkin Stem105Melon Stem106Vines107Fence Gate108Brick Stairs109Stone Brick Stairs110Mycelium111Lily Pad112Nether Brick113Nether Brick Fence114Nether Brick Stairs115Nether Wart256Iron Shovel257Iron Pickaxe258Iron Axe259Flint and Steel260Apple261Bow262Arrow263Coal263:1Charcoal264Diamond265Iron Ingot266Gold Ingot267Iron Sword268Wooden Sword269Wooden Shovel270Wooden Pickaxe271Wooden Axe272Stone Sword273Stone Shovel274Stone Pickaxe275Stone Axe276Diamond Sword277Diamond Shovel278Diamond Pickaxe279Diamond Axe280Stick281Bowl282Mushroom Soup283Gold Sword284Gold Shovel285Gold Pickaxe286Gold Axe287String288Feather289Sulphur290Wooden Hoe291Stone Hoe292Iron Hoe293Diamond Hoe294Gold Hoe295Wheat Seeds296Wheat297Bread298Leather Helmet299Leather Chestplate300Leather Leggings301Leather Boots302Chainmail Helmet303Chainmail Chestplate304Chainmail Leggings305Chainmail Boots306Iron Helmet307Iron Chestplate308Iron Leggings309Iron Boots310Diamond Helmet311Diamond Chestplate312Diamond Leggings313Diamond Boots314Gold Helmet315Gold Chestplate316

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Update #2 : 05/17/2012 8:51:36 am5/17/12

Fixed some of the links!

Update #1 : 05/16/2012 3:01:57 am5/16/12

Hyperlinks added for some helpful information.

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Retired Moderator
Level 55
Grandmaster Mage
May 17, 2012, 5:52 pm

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Level 1
New Explorer
May 17, 2012, 11:36 am

This helped me out a lot! Thanks! :D

Level 68
High Grandmaster Bunny
May 17, 2012, 7:52 am

It is really hard to see

Level 27
Expert Scribe
May 16, 2012, 12:40 am

Theres No Real Point To This Blog Seeing That With Updated Minecraft Commands You Can Just Do /give FarGuardian wood Instead Of /give FarGuardian 5, Also I Know This Has Been Pointed Out But There Is Very Useful Blocks Section Of Planet Minecraft Called 'Blocks'

Retired Moderator
Level 55
Grandmaster Mage
May 15, 2012, 11:43 pm

You do realise if you press blocks at the top (next to the mods section) you get all this there but also with pictures

Level 35
Artisan Modder
May 16, 2012, 12:31 am

ah oooh lol thanks i didnt notice this..

ima keep this up anyway's it has good info links

Level 51
Grandmaster Pony
May 15, 2012, 11:04 pm

there is also a giant picture chart if you just google search it

Level 35
Artisan Modder
May 15, 2012, 11:07 pm


Level 27
Expert Dragonborn
May 15, 2012, 3:02 pm


Level 35
Artisan Modder
May 15, 2012, 11:07 pm

thank you.

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