Minecraft pe: How to download a texture pack

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Level 42 : Master Pixel Painter
First of all you need the following things: An iPod, iPhone, or any device that is available for Minecraft pe. You also need Minecraft pe ( downloadable at the app store or android market ) I think it is 7 or 8 dollars. You need a cord to plugin your device to your computer and you need I explorer ( get it on your computer it is free ). Now this is what you do. Step 1: plug in your device into the computer using the cord. Step 2: wait. I explorer should automatically start up. Step 3: on the left side of the window you should see all of your apps. Scroll down to minecraftpe and select it. ( if you get an error message just unplug and plug in your device ). Step 4: open the minecraftpeapp file in the right half of the screen / window. Step 5: drag in your texture pack or just the terrain and items. Step 6: it will say something like do you want to delete these files? Say ok. ( this is not bad and not deleting your Minecraft ). Step 7: unplug and play minecraftpe with your texture pack Only works with texture packs of 8 x 8. 16 x 16. 32 x 32. And 64 x 64 Please contact me if you have problems!

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Level 1
New Miner
February 13, 2013, 8:16 am

i did all of that but it doesnt let me copy it to iexplore

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