Minecraft PE Texture Pack Installation (Android)

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I guess you have got Minecraft Pocket Edition on your phone already. If your device is powerful enough, you may put a texture pack on it! Maximum size is 128x.

So if you are about to delete Minecraft PE because it has shiTTy graphics, you SHOULD read this thread.

  • Download any texture pack from this Link!
  • Choose a good one! You may always change it back to Default or select another one in just few steps.

  • Download a programm named PocketTool by Sn0wB0und
  • Once you've got your texture pack and PocketTool installed, plug in your device and follow these steps:

  1. Get your Texture Pack Archive ready on your PC!

  2. Open up your device main folder! (C:"Devicename" /sdcard/)

  3. Go to Download folder. Now throw your texture pack archive into Download folder in your sdcard folder.

  4. Almost there! Now open up PocketTool from your device. Tap on "Install Content" Or something like that.

  5. Tap on "Textures" bar and Tap&Hold your texture pack. Click that... "Use" or "Install" button that popped up.

  6. Now go back to main menu of PocketTool and click the first bar. I guess it says Workbench. Just go there.

  7. Click on "Change Skin/Texture Pack" and Tap&Hold on your Texture pack. Click Use or Install.

  8. FINALLY! There should be a menu button on your device. Go there and click "Apply selected patch"

  9. Now wait! Some window saying "Delete Minecraft?" will appear. CLICK YES! Then INSTALL. You wont loose anything! You will just update your .apk!
  10. Now open up your Minecraft PE.

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    Yes, That is the easiest way to install Texture packs on your Minecraft PE. Any questions?

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Credit:Scuttles, RealisticCrafter71, SnowBound

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February 2, 2014, 9:15 am

i have jellybean and pockettool has issues with jellybean, simply crashes... would u happen to have another way to install tp onto mcpe without it??? :)

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