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Im making a skin. A 'music' themed skin because i really like music!
The picture is a hint of what I'm making - pretty basic but i haven't made many skins and most of the skins
my avatar wears are other peoples with perhaps a few edits ;)
So i decided i'd make a few of my own skins just to see how it goes...!

Btw the picture is of a treble clef, its at the start of a music score,
i'll do a bass clef too bass people - don't feel left out! :o
Has anyone used nova skin - the chrome app for making skins?
They have a library too but usually i just use it for viewing my skins, you can animate it and put objects on the animation.

So give me a diamond for effort
a favourite if you'd personally wear it
and sub if you want more

<> :D !
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  • 37lizo
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  • April 14, 2013, 2:10 am
Yay! my first blog!

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