My top 10 Minecraft PE seeds


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Level 43 : Master Dragon

This is my current top 10 MC PE seeds:

13377331 This seed will contain many mountains and valleys an lakes withs zombies.

Mojang If you are lucky, you might find 5-10 DIAMONDS!

iliketomoveit This seed might sound mad, but is has 4 grand waterfalls, 1 lava fall and few caves!

minecraftisawesome This seed has mountains, but the best of all... It has land floating in the sky!

xperiaplay This one will have huge ice bays and a lot of snow.

Flat world 87% of this is water and the rest are just flat islands.

21chicken It has enormous mountains, caves, floating blocks and much more!

Flattering This seed has too much ice!!! About 96% of it is an ice surface!

shit It creates a flow of lava just north of the spawn point!

nyan Well.... Just see this image:

I hope that you like it, and I will add a image of every seed soon!
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  • litemake
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • December 12, 2013, 2:41 am
Awesome seeds - THANKS. I like 21chicken, pretty cool. Recommend some here too.
5 is not flat

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