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Level 8 : Apprentice Crafter
I'll post individual episodes here on the blog twice a week, but to kick start things, here is the series trailer! Currently playing 1.11, of course we'll update when updates are officially released!

In the series we'll explore new design aesthetics, building techniques and redstone machinery. And when we work with redstone, we'll learn how and why it works, not just where to put blocks and wire. I like to try out shader packs once in a while and sometimes new textures. We'll go on adventures, build castles and transportation systems, moodscapes and mini-games, all kinds of farms! I've got big plans for this world, but the main goal is to have fun, so check out the show and let's play some Minecraft!

Episode 085: Anatomy of Failure!!

Episode 084: Blazing Rain!!

Episode 083: Sometimes The Game Plays YOU!

Episode 082: Squid Farm Roof!!!

Episode 081: Something Is Wrong With This!!

Episode 080: Walls, Caverns and Skydiving!!

Episode 079: Waterfalls and Ink Falls!!

Episode 078: Rough Plans for Mystery Island!

Episode 077: How To Build A Guardian Farm!!

Episode 076: Hunting the Elusive Llama!!

Episode 075: How To Build A Leather Farm!!

Episode 074: How To Build A Villager Sorting System!!

Episode 073: Potato Farm and Armor Equipper!

Episode 072: How To Build A Fully Automatic Villager Powered Farm!

Episode 071: Stairwells and Escape Rooms!

Episode 070: Enchanting Tower Interior!

Episode 069: Movie Review Wednesday!

Episode 068: The Enchanting Tower!!

Episode 067: Rocket Science!!

Episode 066: Pool Roof!!

Episode 065: Outpost Completed!!

Episode 064: Island Monument!!

Episode 063: The Colonel's Cabin!

Episode 062: Minecart Loader/Unloader (also Let's Talk About WestWorld)

Episode 061: Triple Spawner XP Farm Lobby!

Episode 060: A Spider's Watery Grave

Episode 059: How To Build An End Portal Theme Minecart Station!

Episode 058: Crop Storage!

Episode 057: Mesa Outpost!

Episode 056: How To Build A Mesa Theme Minecart Station!

Episode 055: How To Build A Slime/Witch Farm Theme Minecart Station!

Episode 054: Creepy Epic-sode - Woodland Mansion!!!

Episode 053: How To Design A Minecart Station! (Nether Hub style)

Episode 052: Elytra Quest!!

Episode 051: How To Build a Nether Hub Minecart Station!

Episode 050: World Tour!!

Episode 049: Cactus Farm!

Episode 048: How To Build a Storage Room!

Episode 047: Villager Garden & Transportation

Episode 046: Trading Village Church!

Episode 045: Butcher Shop Trading Hall!

Episode 044: Blacksmith Trading Hall (How To Decorate a Villager Forge)!

Episode 043: Brown Robes Trading Hall (How to Build a Building Backwards)!

Episode 042: Rainbow Sheep and Wool Farm!

Episode 041: Securing The Village!

Episode 040: Villager Trading Hall!

Episode 039: Horse Jumping and Town Sprucing!

Episode 038: How To Build A Horse Race Timer Track!

Episode 037: Modern Stables!

Episode 036: Fried Chicken Delivery Service!

Episode 035: Goldhaus!

Episode 034: G-G-G-Gold Farm!

Episode 033: Industrial Hi-speed Furnace (15 Furnace Array)!

Episode 032: Wolves, XP and Roof of the Nether!

Episode 031: AFK XP Skeleton Farm!!

Episode 030: Easy Wither!

Episode 029: Easy Tree Farm!

Episode 028: Statues & Roads!

Episode 027: Redstone Troubleshooting!

Episode 026: Mumbo's Melon Farm, Stacked!

Episode 025: Double Feature!

Episode 024: New Design Double Drop Sugar Cane Farm!

Episode 023: Switch Farm part 2 (Witch and Slime Farm!)

Episode 022: Switch Farm part 1 (Witch and Slime Farm!)

Episode 021: Raining Witches!

Episode 020: Controversy!

Episode 019: Raining Villagers!

Episode 018: Iron Farm!!!

Episode 017: Movie Review Wednesday!

Episode 016: Pretty Farms!

Episode 015: Story Time

Episode 014: Villagers $#%&!

Episode 013: Maternity Ward

Episode 012: Bridges Of Camelot County

Episode 011: Overconfidence

Episode 010: Hallway No. 1

Episode 009: Ender Ender!

Episode 008: The End Already?!

Episode 007: Setworldspawn

Episode 006: Spiked Ice

Episode 005: Walkabout

Episode 004: Loot Bin Baby Steps

Episode 003: Fishing Loot 4 Days!

Episode 002: One Arrow!!!

Episode 001: A New World
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Episode 85: Anatomy of Failure!! : 03/22/2017 10:12:50 pm3/22/17

So, how long does it take to design something in Minecraft? How many times do you throw away your design work? These are questions EVERY Minecrafter is faced with at some point in their career! And guess what? It feels good to not be alone! In this episode of our let's play vanilla amplified survival Minecraft, we go behind the scenes to see a couple of CryinMo's alternate designs for an particular build. We also finish up a minecart railway (the one leading to our enchanting tower) and we talk about some possible future Minecraft lp series! So join me for another funky episode of letsplay some Minecraft and learn about abandoning design failures!

Episode 84: Blazing Rain!! : 03/21/2017 11:49:35 am3/21/17

Why oh why do the carrots not go into their chests when WE'RE NOT LOOKING?! I need help to find out why our produce goes into the overflow chest rather than the sorting system chest, it's so confusing. But anyway, that's not what this episode of our let's play vanilla amplified survival Minecraft series is all about, no no no. It's all about the blaze rain! Raining blazes! Blaze rods galore! That's right, it's time to build a better blaze farm. No, it's not, we're just building a really good blaze farm designed by NimsTV (and adding a lighting feature so we can turn the thing on and off when we want to. So there! My favorite part is the hallway floor. And of course there is death involved and items lost forever - doesn't every survival Minecraft story?! Of course they do. So join me for another episode of lets play some Minecraft and let's build a blaze farm!

Episode 83: Sometimes The Game Plays YOU! : 03/15/2017 8:00:59 pm3/15/17

Yes, we've all been there, and yes, it sucks. But hey, it's our game and we love it anyway, rage quits or not. In this episode of our let's play vanilla amplified survival Minecraft series, we go for the big daddy, the big kahuna, the big fish ... the ender dragon ... AGAIN! Since we can now spawn the ender dragon multiple times in order to 1) have fun, 2) have fun dying, 3) generate new far end portals and 4) be a spectacle of noob-ness for all of you to laugh at, we decide to do it! And boy, do we learn some lessons! Like how the ender dragon erases blocks, like how Overwatch is a fun past time, like how you should press record when you want to record, you know, and not play like CryinMo, lol. So come join me for another round or two of ender dragon fights and lets play some Minecraft!!

Episode 82: Squid Farm Roof!!! : 03/12/2017 7:11:33 pm3/12/17

Yep, in this episode of our let's play vanilla amplified survival Minecraft series, we put a roof on the squid farm. And it ain't just a plain ol' roof neither, no, ma'am, it is TALL! And I use the following colors: RED. BLUE. SANDSTONE. We also create a tunnel with artisan TNT and put on our shader glasses along with a couple of smash cut building montages. So bring out the breaks and lets play some Minecraft! Tintenfisch haus!

Episode 81: Something Is Wrong With This!! : 03/11/2017 11:17:02 am3/11/17

This episode has CryinMo doing what he does best - doing design work all wrong! Actually, it's not that bad, but it's not all good either. I spend most of the episode (and the better part of two days) terraforming the interior of our massive ocean monument cavern but can't quite put a finger on why I feel dissatisfied with with the design elements. In the end, I finally figure it out and it's the realization that scale is the problem. Our cavern is so huge that intricate terraforming details get lost in the grander scheme of things, visually speaking. So I pose some questions to guys and gals, my loyal viewers and persons of better ideas, lol - HELP ME! Help CryinMo figure out what to do with these insanely big walls and ravines and all sorts of things. But I will say the lava and the small fires look relatively great, so that's something!

Episode 80: Walls, Caverns and Skydiving!! : 03/09/2017 11:33:51 am3/09/17

We learn how to tear up some walls! Make a great cavern out of a cave! Put holes everywhere, knock blocks down and generally make a mess of everything! We also talk about my skydiving experience, and we blow up some TNT with our flame powered bow. Also, we visit the gold farm for a timed XP run!

Episode 79: Waterfalls and Ink Falls! : 03/07/2017 2:28:52 pm3/07/17

We learn how to build an ink farm. Or is it squid farm? Squid ink farm! How to build a farm for farming ink sacs for making black dye farm! Yeah, that's it! A squid ink farm is fairly simple to make but this happens to be the very first farm I've ever made which uses a hopper minecart for drop collection! So that's exciting! (It is, really. No really!) We also test out making our ocean monument look like it's still underwater and add some more scaffolding to our future volcanos!

Episode 78: Rough Plans for Mystery Island! : 03/02/2017 12:07:19 pm3/02/17

Bit of a talky episode - while starting our sketchy plans for Mystery Island, we discuss things like life and ups and downs and how humans persevere through tough situations. I know, heady stuff for a Minecraft video (and possibly boring, let's be honest). But while we talk about these things, we do some land clearing on the island and we install a beach near our lagoon, we find a smuggler's hideout and look at sites for skull island. And we also sketch out the dimensions of our twin volcanoes! All in all a short, disparate episode that's all over the place, but you gotta do some planning before you do some building for a project the size of Mystery Island, that's for sure.

Episode 77: How To Build A Guardian Farm!! : 03/01/2017 12:53:27 pm3/01/17

We start work on Mystery Island, the site of our ocean monument guardian farm! We of course have huge plans for the island, with inspiration coming from Peter Pan's Neverland, Pirates Of The Caribbean and of course Indiana Jones (and maybe even LOST). But it all starts with the guardian farm and how to build it inside the monument. Most guardian farms utilize the space an ocean monument takes up but we are going to figure out how to build a guardian farm inside the monument, because we want the monument to stay intact as a display piece for Mystery Island! Also, spoiler alert, there is a great montage in this lets play episode and a patently un-great death (sad face)!

Episode 76: Hunting the Elusive Llama!! : 02/28/2017 5:44:43 pm2/28/17

We start off with a bit of a talk about creating episodes and producing content over time and on a schedule, yada yada yada. Then we go looking for llamas and that is both a long and beautiful journey, especially in this world with its custom amplified terrain ('cause llamas spawn in extreme hills and the hills in the CryinMo LP world are nothing short of breathtaking). And the reason we're hunting for llamas is because we need a roof on our automatic villager-powered farms!

Episode 75: How To Build A Leather Farm!! : 02/27/2017 4:21:59 pm2/27/17

We check out the villager sorting machine, which is working fantastically, we double our storage for melon slices at the melon farm and then we build a cow farm specifically for harvesting leather with a Looting III sword! There are tons of tutorials available for automatic cooked steak cow farms, but with a little tweaking from CryinMo, we learn how to build a sustainable cow farm that allows us to get maximum leather drops with ease so we can make books and enchanted books and written books and all sorts of book stuff! Camelot County is always expanding, so come along for the ride and let's play some Minecraft!

Episode 74: How To Build A Villager Sorting System!! : 02/25/2017 11:48:54 am2/25/17

We have too many villagers! And not enough librarians. So, in order to send *just* librarian villagers over to our villager trading hall, we need a way to filter out the other villager careers. So we'll build a system that allows to summon one villager at a time, evaluate whether we want to keep him or not and then with the push of a button send him to the Villager trading hall or to the Happy Happy Never Land (lava pit - sad face). We also install EIGHT beacons around our base!!

Episode 73: Potato Farm and Armor Equipper! : 02/21/2017 3:37:22 pm2/21/17

We add another layer to the fully automatic villager powered carrot farm, this one for potatoes! We take a look at a newly designed hallway and then load up a redstone world to work on a simple armor equipper machine, which turns out to be much easier than I thought it would be! Keeping it simple, we head over to the wither skeleton hunting ground to design and decorate the minecart station there and implement the armor equipping dispensers.

Episode 72: How To Build A Fully Automatic Villager Powered Farm! : 02/20/2017 6:03:03 pm2/20/17

I saw a Reddit post where redditor Squomp made an amazing tweak to Unarybit's already incredible automatic villager-powered farm and it was such an elegant modification, it made me want to try it out right away. So we drop everything in this episode of our let's play Minecraft to build our first ever fully-automatic carrot farm! Since we already have a villager breeder nearby, the building of the farm is relatively painless and it turns out to be a fantastic investment of time and effort!

Episode 71: Stairwells and Escape Rooms! : 02/19/2017 12:19:17 pm2/19/17

We do a little redstone tweak to our main produce farm (carrots, wheat, potato collection) and then we start work on completing the interiors of the stairwells leading from the ground up to the different levels of our base - and while we do that, I tell you all about my experience at an escape room!

Episode 70: Enchanting Tower Interior! : 02/18/2017 11:10:20 am2/18/17

We learn how to build an elevator inside the enchanting tower, install three separate floors (one for our awesome enchanted armor displays, one for our library of enchanted books and one for our enchanting station/room)!

Episode 69: Movie Review Wednesday! : 02/15/2017 7:29:26 pm2/15/17

Even though we often talk about movies in our let's play Minecraft series, this will be our second official Movie Review Wednesday! (The first one was months and months and months ago.) We discuss - without spoilers - three flicks, two of which are new and one which came out a few years ago but that I had missed. Oh, we also finish up the suspension bridge leading to our awesome new enchanting tower!

Episode 68: The Enchanting Tower!! : 02/13/2017 12:59:10 pm2/13/17

So there was a spire of rock I pointed out a while back for which I had a plan ... and today's the day! Today in our letsplay Minecraft series, let's learn how to build a tower together.. A tower for what? you might ask - and I would answer, a tower for housing our enchanting table and other magical things! This took a long time to build, but of course I cut a (hopefully) awesome musical montage out of it for your viewing pleasure.

Episode 67: Rocket Science!! : 02/11/2017 4:43:10 am2/11/17

We need to enhance our gold farm with an automatic XP collection system. Inspired by Snocrash's awesome "Donut" design, we figure out how to make a series of 8 slime block platforms juggle tons of XP orbs up to our AFK spot at the top of the gold farm. So come check out the Gold Haus and a couple of cool music montages and let's play some Minecraft!

Episode 66: Pool Roof!! : 02/08/2017 11:38:09 am2/08/17

Our sorting system has gone without a roof for far too long! Time to fix that. In this episode of our let's play Minecraft series, we install a cathedral ceiling over our sorting system and top it off with a Greek-inspired quartz pool, through which we can jump to access the sorting room! Our Camelot County home base is coming along, a bit at a time, lol. So grab your pickaxe and shovel and letsplay some Minecraft!

Episode 65: Outpost Completed!! : 02/06/2017 12:54:20 pm2/06/17

We open with the clearing of an ocean monument - yes, a whole monument cleared in less than 5 minutes! And then we move on to our mesa outpost, the fort, and we build the last four structures! Finally! So our mesa outpost will have a greenhouse, a well, a double furnace and a functional stable, complete with three more horses from our horse trading village!

Episode 64: Island Monument!! : 02/04/2017 12:54:18 pm2/04/17

Sometimes you just gotta go adventuring! Taking a break from our mesa outpost build, we discuss CryinMo's mistaken lighting information and then we head out into strange waters to find a crazy island monument!

Episode 63: The Colonel's Cabin : 01/31/2017 3:09:56 pm1/31/17

We build three new structures inside our mesa outpost. We dress up the nether portal, build a water trough for our horses and of course the titular Colonel's cabin (our home away from home)! Let's do some rustic design work, lay down some coarse dirt and go to town with the spruce and fences and dark oak

Episode 62: Minecart Loader/Unloader (also Let's Talk About WestWorld) : 01/28/2017 7:43:52 pm1/28/17

This episode Minecraft let's play is all about mistakes! We learn how to build a great big long minecart tunnel, a chest minecart loader and unloader and then we learn that it is all for not - huge bummer! BUT along the way, we discuss the HBO show Westworld and we learn some valuable lessons, the most important of which is that Minecraft is all about learning and making mistakes and getting better! So while our technical build turns out a bit useless in the end, lol, the design of the build can be utilized in any number of alternate spots that will see the full value of it.

Episode 61: Triple Spawner XP Farm Lobby! : 01/27/2017 12:55:16 pm1/27/17

The aesthetic build for our triple spawner XP farm - spiders and spiders and skellies, oh my! Yes, let's let the XP roll in a beautiful tall build that will both keep us safe while AFKing and let us see and feel the mesa all around us as we farm that XP! We also head back to our mesa outpost and build a bulk storage area and a water tower item elevator using our new favorite blocks - brown glass and trap doors!

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