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Level 26 : Expert Mage
I am making a PvP Custom Map with my friend, BluePikminFan. Basically this is what I have:

Updated on March 07, 2013:
- Two Teams
- DragonPeas (Green - Peashooter101)
- BluePikAdmins (Blue - BluePikminFan)

- Classes
- Heavy
- Soldier
- Archer
- Assassin
- Pyro Melee
- Pyro Archer
- Necromancy
- Archer

- Maps
- Minecraftia
- The Nether
- The End
- Aether

These classes have special things about each of them. For now me and Blue are developing 4 Maps: Minecraftia, Nether, The End, Aether. We are also developing a point system (1 Kill = 1 Point) which allows you to buy perks for that round in a store. I am currently working on the Classes Systems and BluePikmin is working on the Aether Map.Hopefully we can get this done before the end of May but we are not expert map builders and this is the first attempt we have had at a PvP Map. It is going pretty well so far.

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