Rant By The Invisible #1- Skinny

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Ok so I felt like ranting today because I couldn't come up with a blog then I looked around for stuff on the internet and noticed that a lot of people these days care and decide everything on a persons weight. I knew this girl who was my friend then I moved but she would everyday ask me if she had gotten fatter of skinnier and, to tell you the truth I though nothing of it but now It clicks and I see that "Wow people are so conceded and centered around looks".
So, society heres my message to you,

Dear Society,
STOP. Just Stop.
Not every human is perfect, Heck! no ones will EVER be perfect no matter how hard you try, some people are very kind-hearted and selfless but are chubby. That does NOT mean that you can just push them away and dismiss them. Some people are kind selfless and skinny yeah thats great for them but they may have flaws worse like stealing or they may bite their nails. Some people are fat and are ice cold on the inside, don't hate on them or push them around just ignore them and skinny people who are ice cold to just ignore them, you know that you are wonderful even if you don't like the way you look
Thanks hopefully

Ok well sorry about getting al serious but i'm not perfect either for me my skin is too pale and has a strange red glow that makes it look splotchy and my hair isn't perfect, it just sits there. So thats it for today,

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Posted 2013-02-12 00:47:52
by crimsoncreeper13

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