The Story Of Herobrine!!!


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The Story Of Herobrine!!!

Notch had a brother who worked for Minecraft. He created an account named Herobrine. He wanted to be the Owner of Minecraft like Notch is today. But Mojang wouldn't approve of it. So he worked on Minecraft updates as much as he could and one day he went missing and was never seen again! Until when Notch finished one of the updates and he was seeing the account of Herobrine and the Steve Skin with White Eyes. Herobrine appeared on most Minecraft Accounts. Mojang and Notch both tryed to remove the account of Herobrine but failed. So every update they put in Removed Herobrine hoping to someday get rid of him!

By The Way I Heard This Story On A Server So I Do Not Know If I Got It Correct!
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