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Oh Trolls, everyone knows about trolls. If you don't know about trolls and trolling well have you been living under a rock for like 3 years??? I'm sorry that was mean I didn't mean it I still love you all, but yes trolling is ruining someones day and just really pissing them off. Trolls are the problem to everything, they are the challenge to life itself. (Well not really life itself) But still there are two try of trolls in this world of gaming. There is the crappy trolls and the pro trolls. The crappy trolls are things such as 11 year old kids running around yelling TROLOLOLOL and just being really stupid. Now the pro trolls are the people such as trollarch where they really know how to cleverly get under your skin and piss you off. But any other way everyone has to hate trolls unless you are the person trolling. Admit it we all have trolled once in our life weather it was in a game or in real life. People troll almost everywhere and the worst thing that could happen is getting trolled by someone younger than you. Getting trolled by someone younger than you is like getting bullied by them and you cant fight back. So how do you stop this, well first you find where they live and then you go to there house and... oh wait no that is no how you handle trolling. Oh yes you simple just laugh, don't get mad at them and power them. The trolls live off that crap, if you are getting trolled the thing that makes the troll keep trolling is the anger. If you just stop being angry at the person and laugh trust me it will put you into a way better mod. Just think about it these kids are sitting behind there computer screens and trying to get you mad for no reason other than for entertainment. That's all I really gotta say is WOW you are really trying to entertain yourself on the COMPUTER WHERE THERE ARE TONS OF OTHER STUFF TO DO other than make another person mad. So if you find yourself trolling online or in real life, just stop yourself now because your look back like 20 years or so and say to yourself WOW that's why I had no friends when I was younger. So just stop the trolling guys its worthless.
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