What Happened After Herobrine- The REAL Story.



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Level 16 : Journeyman Dolphin
After he looked into my eyes, he looked like he was about to explode, inside he saw- well, never mind about that. He started to sprint away, i smiled, and equipped my bow. I didn't shoot however, i waited, waited for IT to happen.

I turned around, broke a log, and heard it. TNT. Exploding as far as the eye can see. After, there was a huge crater ring, surrounding me and Herobrine. I started to charge an arrow, he was about to deal a death blow to me, i knew he would teleport behind me when i shoot it... but i was smart. I shot the arrow, he teleported, in my lighting fast reactions, i equipped my beloved emerald sword, turned around, and smacked him in the face. A defeaning horror scream all around me... from this day on, i keep lookout. Strange things happen to me. For real. But i assure you, nothing can be a match the force that i contain in my...

Great. Emerald. Eyes.

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