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by OverlookeDEnT » 8/25/2013

Hey guys found a simple way to quickly hit the 50 villager cap starting with just two villagers.. Hope you like it!

Check it out for constant content and awesome tutorials....
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Hello, this is Ian. (3)
Started 08/01/2014/
xXiQwertyIanXx said 08/01/2014/

Thanks guys! I just started making "minecraft-related speed-art"!!! Question: How many ti...

How to get more players to stay on my server? (9)
Started 08/01/2014/
delusi0nal said 08/01/2014/

Now I really wonder how you treat your players if only 3-4 players go on.... That doesn't mean he do...

Top 5 PVP texture packs 1.7.2+ (6)
Started 08/01/2014/
DivineMedicus said 08/01/2014/

A pvp texture pack is also good for pvp overall, better, more cleaner terrain, lighting and fancy or...

Any Sims players out there? (13)
Started 08/01/2014/
Azie said 08/01/2014/

Any here planing to get Sims 4? Im not xD I was thinking about it, but they're not releasing pools/t...

What Are The Best Ways To Advertise Your Minecraft Server? (10)
Started 08/01/2014/
185139 said 08/01/2014/

Bump your server listing every day, and use Votifier! It works wonders! Make sure you write up som...

When Minecraft hits 2.0 (7)
Started 08/01/2014/
Magicman88999 said 08/01/2014/

Mojang said they were going to go 1.9,then 1.10 or something like that. Or they just start back at 1...

MCSkin3D crashes and i dont know why (2)
Started 08/01/2014/
DjbossMC said 08/01/2014/

Nvm, i got it to work ...

How do i Make my server popular? (53)
Started 07/31/2014/
SackboyRocks said 08/01/2014/

Ok I got on a again and no longer spawned at spawn, instead I spawned inside of the ground. There we...

Sore hand from switching keyboards? (0)
Started 08/01/2014/
iwantmymegabyte said 08/01/2014/

Hello! So recently, I have been wanting to buy a keyboard. Buuuuuuut, I needed something quieter tha...

Tickld Users? (10)
Started 04/04/2014/
asherwizz said 08/01/2014/

Well this went well XD Btw is this john from the server? The one I gave a silk touch pick to?...

Looking for people that can make houses (2)
Started 08/01/2014/
Oniwolf909 said 08/01/2014/

Name:Kuromu Age:15 IGN:Oniwolf909 Projects I've done before:???????? (Sky Halberd),walls pvp (not su...

Last of us Server? Would you join? (0)
Started 08/01/2014/
FluxHyper said 08/01/2014/

Hello, i am thinking on working on a large scale 'The Last of Us' project for server. I am thinking...

Adding and update and editing project didn't bump (3)
Started 08/01/2014/
RageLokiCat said 08/01/2014/

It usually takes up to 5 minutes. Please wait at least for that long before making a post like this....

Help involving shaders. [please read ;w;] (2)
Started 08/01/2014/
Jrcarp said 08/01/2014/

Google. Its a thing....

Just Started (0)
Started 08/01/2014/
rockran2000 said 08/01/2014/

hey guys just started doing tome graphic designing just wondering if you could send me your skin lin...

FREE Animated Banners | 2D & 3D | FREE Logos (1)
Started 08/01/2014/
TheSomonn said 08/01/2014/

Dude i needed a banner like that once so much i was even willing to pay 10$ but i found noone so i s...

Server Related

Need tester! (0)
Started 08/01/2014/
Jaygunther said 08/01/2014/

Hello origin need testers! if you want to be a tester here: How old are you?: What gender are you?...

1.7.9 New Map Towny Survival & Creative (4)
Started 08/01/2014/
The_Squish said 08/01/2014/

Here is some Background and Info about our Community: The Head Staff, Wolf, War, and I (Ssquish) me...

Creating a server like Mianite and Dianite (20)
Started 07/12/2014/
CoolGuy58391 said 08/01/2014/

Name: Justin Age: 14 Reason you want to be on Server: I love the watching CaptainSparklez play this....

Started 07/30/2014/
TheShadbusher said 08/01/2014/

I would not trust this man. He appears to be fully capable of covering the server costs, but after t...

Beta Launch- Anime Prison Server Mine Party at 10+ people!! (3)
Started 08/01/2014/
imhandmade said 08/01/2014/

Hey there, you should also post the server on http://www.projectgxp.com/servers Its another website ...

??????????? | 32GB DDR3 server | [CRACKED][PVP][SURVIVAL][FA (0)
Started 08/01/2014/
stadiocraft1 said 08/01/2014/

A hub server to multiple servers. Skyblock. Factions Kit-PVP Etc.. Join now StadioCraft IP:...

Anyone Need Staff? (5)
Started 08/01/2014/
suzypoo said 08/01/2014/

Come on my server IP: mc.craftoholics.us...

Eclipse SMP | A Mindcrack Inspired Server. (13)
Started 08/01/2014/
Minealade said 08/01/2014/

Age: 13 (mature) Name: Palady In-Game Name: Paladybug1 How active will you be?: Daily Are you abl...

Free server giveaway! (22)
Started 07/25/2014/
TheLittleBiskit said 08/01/2014/

Muahahahaha! I posted after a lock post! ...

Started 07/31/2014/
SugahGlidah said 08/01/2014/

Need more staff...

Looking For Staff On Factions Server (7)
Started 08/01/2014/
istack0409 said 08/01/2014/

IGN:istack0409 Real Name:zac How long have you played Minecraft for?:4 years Have You Been Staff Bef...

Started 04/13/2014/
Nik_AP said 08/01/2014/

This server of yours looks decent. Maybe i'll come on when I have the time. Thank you, I've put a lo...

I need a lot of staff !!! (3)
Started 08/01/2014/
TheLostFlamingSoul said 08/01/2014/

I didn't say i was still using it...I don't/...

[1.7.10] OrbitCraft l 24/7 l Planets l Factions l JOIN (12)
Started 07/28/2014/
EzFactions said 08/01/2014/

Space station is being released this sunday!...

CelestialPvP! [In-game Ranks] [Survival] [Drop Parties] (0)
Started 08/01/2014/
maximuss92 said 08/01/2014/

Hello,this is a brand new minecraft server that has just been released.This server has no lag reason...

Started 08/01/2014/
RickyPlaysMC said 08/01/2014/

Hey guys! Me and my friend made a server and we need very good builders asap! If your good at buildi...

Giant PvP Faction Event! (0)
Started 08/01/2014/
185139 said 08/01/2014/

IP: Come Join The Wonderland Factions PvP Event! Wonderland Factions is a brand new...

New website to post your servers on! (0)
Started 08/01/2014/
imhandmade said 08/01/2014/

I have found a new website that which you can post both kerbal space program and minecraft servers o...

Wonderland Factions! Brand New Factions Server! (3)
Started 07/31/2014/
185139 said 08/01/2014/

Market now has new prices...

ActiveCraftPvP (BETA)! (0)
Started 08/01/2014/
BloodyDragon20 said 08/01/2014/


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The Most Kawaii Contest Eva! (2)
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lawl The contest starts once three posts are in....

450-subbed-YTer looking for a good channel to collab with! (1)
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Hello thar sir Nico!...

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Can you make me one? ign: nellyhoran sure ...

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_DeepFreeze_ said 08/01/2014/

lemongrab didnt really work out...

Mindcrack / Hermitcraft like Youtube Server (1)
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OfficiallyPolarFluid said 08/01/2014/

IGN (In-Game-Name): PolarFluid Age: I am 13, but hey, don't mistake me for my age. I am mature! Giv...

Drawing skins - FREE (6)
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YoungMario14 said 08/01/2014/

i'll give it a go. IGN: YoungMario14 Colors, no background...

m8 do u evn palette? A PALETTE CHALLENGE! Finally... (27)
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nvm can't ...

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Hey, this is a simple one. Can you change the orange and yellow on this skin to either red, gray or ...

I need an animated banner for my Factions Server. (3)
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185139 said 08/01/2014/

Yay I got My Banner!...

doing textures for mods (4)
Started 07/31/2014/
WFlyingSquirrel said 08/01/2014/


Brand New Start! Need Team Members!!! (3)
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Martinsaal98 said 08/01/2014/


Skin Renders [FREE] - Cinema 4D (48)
Started 07/30/2014/
nellyhoran said 08/01/2014/

Content: What would you like included in the render: I would like to be holding a diamond Stance/P...

Mindcrack like server looking for youtubers! (15)
Started 08/01/2014/
ChrizMinecraft said 08/01/2014/

Name: Christian (Chriz) Age: 13 Skype: ChrizCubed (I also have TeamSpeak) Microphone: I have a good ...

Skin Help! (3)
Started 08/01/2014/
YoungMario14 said 08/01/2014/

P.S. the skin is finished...

Avatar giveaway to Skinners (24)
Started 07/30/2014/
MLG_Skybeam said 08/01/2014/

Anyone else who's planning on entering, please tell me! I need to know so you dont get left out!...