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by LinkSamosYT » 4/12/2017

Hello, My name is Link. I was wondering if for server owners. They could give their players some fun and OP me and let me troll people on youtube. If not OP you could give me permissions for the certain commands i need. It would be fun and harmless. You would be mentioned in my channel all the time. If your interested let me know in the IP. if you are interested in helping. let me know your Skype/Discord name and we can get to work! BTW I'm also thinking of doing a Catching Hackers series. so I could do that as well.
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by TechEdison » 4/12/2017

what's your average views/video
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by DeerJesus » 4/12/2017

This is almost as dumb of a scam as "I'm from pmc, guyz. give me op so i can inspect the server"

No wait.

Just Deers.
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by NZSISYT » 4/12/2017

Very true DeerJesus
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by Exterious » 4/13/2017

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by lukemango_ » 4/13/2017

heh, no.

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by illuminati128k » 4/20/2017

You are fake news
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by Cookiesz » 4/20/2017

Dude, seriously? Get out lmao.

DeerJesus wrote:This is almost as dumb of a scam as "I'm from pmc, guyz. give me op so i can inspect the server"

Beat me to it!
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