HELP! I can't log in, or reset my password.

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by Gorlain » 5/29/2013

Hey there, anyone out there willing to help..
It's been a while since I last logged into Planetminecraft with my account named Aecnoril, and I heard something about a site-wide password change that I missed. I seem to be unable to log in now and I can't reset my password, it won't accept any combination of Aecnoril with one of the 3 mail-adressese I use at the moment..
I created this account just a few minutes ago to post this on a forum and try to find some help in the chat. please help me get my account back!
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by BronzeOwl » 5/29/2013

Maybe you could try messaging a moderator. I would suggest re-uploading everything from your old account to your new one if you can't get back to your old one.
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by Greytopher » 5/29/2013

You'll probably have to go to your e-mail folder and search for key words like 'Planet Minecraft'. If you find an e-mail about the password change from whatever e-mail address you were using, that should help you with your previous account issue.
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by Jetfrog28 » 5/29/2013

you use your email to login. idk past that
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by Teddy » 5/30/2013

If you're still having troubles, you may want to send a PM explaining the issue to Paril;
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