How do I put schematics from worldedit/mcedit to my server?

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by ZT_Stephen » 4/28/2012

I am trying to put schematic files that I got from here and from makeing them in single player into my minecraft multiplayer server. I do not understand how I import them to my server and all that I just make the schematic/download the schematic and I dont know what to do from there. I cant find any good tutorials on how to do this. If any of you guys could help me out that would be great. Please teach me how to do it or link me to a website or video. Any help is greatly apriceated.
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by Cutielaurenie » 4/28/2012

Im not sure this is possible. The only thing I can think of, Is make the map on mcedit, Put it into your singleplayer world and put the singleplayer world into your world folder.


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by Fight4Frag » 4/28/2012

Its very simple. You first need to make a scematics folder. To do that just make a simple schematic. So just make a 1 block by 1 block wide region or a box or something and then //copy it and then do //schematic save and fill out what they ask. Then that should Generate the Schematic folder. Then you'd drop the Schematic File into it and then reload your server. Finally, you'd do //schematic load (Name) and it'd put it where you are facing. <--- All this depends if you used the Single Player Version Of WorldEdit.

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by ZT_Stephen » 4/28/2012

Um.. still dont get it. I know what your saying but this is what I do and it dosent work and ive done it with MCEDIT and SinglePlayerCommands. I make a schematic save it then copy the schematic to my schematic folder in .minecraft and it dosent work.
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by ajlittle » 4/28/2012

You have to put it into your schematics folder on your server, not your client.
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by Surseance » 4/28/2012

Open your server folder. Look for the plugins folder and open it. Find the worldedit folder and then open that. In there should be a config file and a folder called "schematics." Put them in there and enjoy!
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by Gillz98 » 4/28/2012

Heres how you really do it! Ok first search on your CPU for schematics and you'll find a file that's named schematics! Ok this is the file of your MCEDIT schematics. Then get whatever schematics you want from the file and make a schematics file in your server folder and put all the schematics from the schemaics folder in the search into the schematics folder in your server folder

Hope that helped!! You can pm me any time if you need help with anything about minecraft!
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by farmerboyk » 7/12/2012

Actually, this is what you do.
open a world, //wand, select blocks, say //copy, then say //schematic save schematicname(or it will tell you what to do) and then look in your .minecraft folder for the Schematics folder, and you will see schematicname. The folder has to be generated somehow :D And say someone made a building in MCEdit, you could also just place the schematic file in your schematic folder.
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by PiggyBaconCraftStaff » 9/17/2012

Ive got a server and ive had many requests how to upload your schmatics ok
Step 1: On single player get single player commands
Step 2: Do //wand
Step 3 Select your points
Step:4 type //copy
Step:5 now type //schematic save mcedit (FileName)
Step:6 It will say that your points have been saved
Step:7 Now go to .minecraft
Step:8 Click on mods
Step:9 Click Schematics
Step:10 Theres your schematic
Now to put it in your server :lol: :D :)
Ok now
Step:11 Go to your server file
Step:12 Go into plugins
Step:13 Find worldedit
Step:14 There will be a schematics folder and a config file put your singleplayer schematic in the servers schematic folder.

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