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LeDogcraft-Cracked server with videos!

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by Bob0192 » 11/30/2012

Hey guys.

Their is this server that has been out for a week now and the most people we have had on was 10 max. I am not owner I am admin and I would like to help you out as much as I can. Its Pvp, suvival, mcmmo, factions, and more also cracked. So please consider joining! Also join the fourms, they are not done yet but sign up to get started ( )
If you don't want to join at least to check it out please? My minecraft IGN is Bob0192 say hi to me when you see me:)

Server Ip;

My skype: yourmom2699
Owners SKype: peter1232. <----Add the period.
Heres a video to look at the spawn and stuff-->
Here's my video--->
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