LibertyCraft Minigame server! Applications open!

Are you starting a new project and are looking for members, or are you looking for something to join? Here's the spot!

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by Darth__Knight » 3/18/2017

LibertyCraft IP:

LibertyCraft is a minigame server that houses SkyWars, Survival Games, KitPvP, Staff and multiple other minigames!

Survival Games - Clasic Survival Games, Couple of different maps always working on them. Kits, Sponsor players with items after you have died, coins, shop. Lots of fun!

SkyWars - We have made SkyWars with multiple maps. With kits, Cages, Arrow Trails, and Coin Well.

KitPvP - Huge Multi-Biome map with myriads of unique Kits and 1vs1 arena!
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