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by Bacon_Rain » 12/14/2013

Please note, I made this all by myself and everything that is listed are in the seeds but if they haven't been given coords and you can't find them they wont be far from the spawn point :)

Seed : -1176799006418613051
-Horses spawned around it
-Roofed Forest
-Giant Mushrooms
-Great to build a home

Seed : -9091669133406033538
-Bunch of trees

Seed : -1402861674772116182
-Extreme Snow Hills
-Extreme Stone Hills

Seed : 1558588194113564810
-Little Island on water
-Got animals on it
-Trees on it
-Awesome to make a water base

Seed : 6238257151361965952

Seed : -3925517253945669070

Seed : -5266843001227929957
-Roofed Forest
-Giant Mushrooms
-Sunflower Plains
-Savanna (x: -141 z: 864)
-Savanna (x: -205 z: 1152)
-Mesa (x: -1681 z: 2171)
-ULTRA Giant Mesa (x: -2013 z: 2400)
-Savanna (x: -3027 y: 2024)
-Savanna (x: -3326 y: 1967)
-BURIED DESERT TEMPLE (x: -3413 y: 2122) (HAS 1 DIAMOND)

Seed : -170188741160355527
-Massive Hill that peaks at (y: 191)
-Hill contains (Savanna, Waterfalls, Streams, Stone)
-AWESOME for building on and making a massive kingdom
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by Bacon_Rain » 12/15/2013

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by Exurbia » 12/15/2013

There is already a thread for this. beta-seeds-post-your-seeds-here-t292.html
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