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by JonasStoustrup » 12/16/2012

Hey! I am new on PlanetMinecraft! Today i've got a verry cool server! It's a Slender server! It's prette cool! :) Slender-game rules: you have got 1 chance to survive with your friends! But only one person can win this game! :twisted: Slender is an Ranked person and his mission is to kill everyone on the map! Your mission is to survive. Have you got the skillz? Don't know? Then try it out! IP: Minecraft.Bitrunner.Dk:25566
If it dosn't work try: 90.185.52,139:25566
Good luck! :P
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by LOLkitty03 » 4/17/2013

plz white-list me im superkitty03
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by Marshy8501 » 8/15/2013

Is the server down right now because when I tried to join it said can't reach server. :|
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by Skelly_Toon » 8/15/2013

some server,it doesn't even work.
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by redfive555 » 8/18/2013

Whitelist me
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