(Must Have Discord) Looking For Minecraft Youtubers

If you're planning on a new channel or wish to recruit members for your channel, this is where you post.

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by SuperVON » 4/15/2017

Hi. My Name Is TraxxyMC. I Am 13 Years Old. The Youngest Of My Group. I Am A Youtuber Looking For Other Minecraft Youtubers To Make A Recording Group. I'm Looking For Chill People.


- Good Quality Mic
- Quality Videos
- A Sense Of Humor

My Discord Is: Icy Traxx#2465
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by Karrthus » 4/15/2017

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by DirewolfYT » 4/18/2017

Cant seem to find you. Add me on discord

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by PowerGaming » 4/20/2017

Wanna play some time or record msg me below
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