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by Big_Jesse_88 » 3/2/2013

Hello, i have made a Planet MC logo thingy and i think it looks quite good. Its the same as the original but i just re-created it !

Please share your thoughts
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by GrizzlyAmish » 3/2/2013

That's pretty nifty looking. I like it!

Is it snowing off to the side??
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by Psykrosis » 5/26/2013

I think the "Minecraft Planet" Could of been a block :D
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by Bluepenguin1o00 » 5/26/2013

I like it. IT GOOD! :D
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by polaristar » 5/26/2013

Wow, that's really good!
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by Willsr71 » 5/26/2013

Holy. That is awesome.
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by Eternal_Edge » 5/26/2013

That looks awesome!
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by SailorsMoon » 5/26/2013

Looks Great!
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by SlayerxHD » 5/26/2013

GrizzlyAmish wrote:That's pretty nifty looking. I like it!

Is it snowing off to the side??

No, it's glass XD
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by eptp123 » 1/12/2014

:shock: epic :shock:
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