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by TekkitNoodle » 10/6/2012

[color=#FF0000]Looking for a new tekkit minecraft survival server? With nice admins,24/7 and shops to spend your in game money on? Well stop looking. Tekkit noodle is a grief free and pvp free. Just pure tekkit fun. We not one of the biggest servers just a small one.

Server ip at

We have some banned items which are at the spawn with the rules and a few tutorials. Unlike other servers we try and keep as many items unbanned items as we can. We have banned the one thats all servers ban like Nukes, Rm Furnace and other items along those lines.

We have some great admin and Mods to come and assist you as much as we can 24/7. If you have a grief simply /ticket and report into us. Within a few minutes we will be there to fix it.
We have a website which you can visit that has many tutorials and suggestions you can post or view on the forums.TekkitNoodle is always looking for suggestions and help towards the server.

[b]Here is our server trailer!

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