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    Hello and welcome to my little corner of the wonderful world of Planetminecraft! My name is Roy, but most people call me Blue when it comes to Minecraft. I am 15 and I live in the United States, but am anything but avergae when it comes to being an "average American teenager". I currently hold the Supervisor staff rank on the Greenfield project server (check it out sometime, it's great!!). I am also a beginning texturist and an aspiring modder (if i could hopefully get my ducks in a row with it anyway!) Hope you like my profile, and if you like what you see, then don't forget to subscribe!

    Goals in Planetminecraft!

    [❌] Have one subscriber! Yay
    [❌] Have 25 subscribers! Gettin' somewhere
    [❌] Have 50 subscribers! 50 people that like what I'ma doing
    [❌] Have 100 subscribers! Is this possible, I guess so, da planet never lies
    [ ] Have 500 subscribers!! A little far fetched, but hey! who says I can't dream

    [❌] Have 1 total diamond! Still, it's progress...
    [❌] Have 10 total diamonds! I must be doing something right...maybe?
    [❌] Have 50 total diamonds! Yea, I must be doing something right
    [❌] Have 100 total diamonds! 100 times someone thought I did something cool, AND LIKED IT
    [ ] Have 500 total diamonds!! Is this possible? Yea, I'm content

    [❌] Have 1 total view! Hey, we all gotta start somewhere...
    [❌] Have 100 total views! Ten 10 times someone saw one of this guys' project. Cool!
    [❌] Have 1,000 total views. Lotsa zeros. In the number that is!
    [❌] Have 10,000 total views. "I have a dream", that this guy has that number in front of total views!
    [ ] Have 50,000 total views!! A little far fetched again, I know, but still, it's fun to dream!

    [❌] Have 10 diamonds on a single submission! Sweet, ten people loved what I created!
    [❌] Have 25 diamonds on a single submission! Something must have been done right!
    [ ] Have 100 diamonds on a single submission! I must be doing something good...
    [ ] Have 500 diamonds on a single submission!! Yet again, a little far fetched, but it has been done before!

    [ ] Get all of those boxes crossed off! Probably the most unlikely one though...

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    Harkenburg City Project

    Expected Release Date - August 1st, 2017
    This will most likely change, it's rough and I'm never good at sticking to release dates xD

    Your probably thinking when you saw this, "Oh great, another stereotypical big city project that'll be hip for a couple of days and die off to nothing in less than a year". Most likely the second part will be true, but the first certainly isn't. Instead of your typical big modern city project, Harkenburg has (if it were real) a population of around 60,000 and is partially surrounded by mountains all situated in rural central Pennsylvania in the US. The city itself will be tiny, but hopefully when it's done many fun adventures fill the map. Of course I don't want to give too much away. If your interested, the texture pack required to build in it and some of my other projects (ending with HCP) contains some nice sneak peeks into what it looks like. Keep your eyes peeled, a team of awesome builders have already put more than a year into making this.

    ColoniCraft Texture Pack

    Baaically this is a pack themed around Colonial times (particularly late 1700's to mid/late 1800's) somewhat based in British styles and mostly North American styles. Im not really sure when I'm going to post this, this crazy little thing called life sometimes gets in the way, As of now its sorta a thing to do if I have some free time. I'll probably post a release date closer to when its 50% or more done.
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    • Bluecolty
      March 30, 2017, 10:09 am to Public
      I changed the Google account used for my Youtube, my old account had been made with my old school districts email that they gave everyone. Basically I changed it since I was worried that they would lock me out of it because I had moved out of the district. Unfortunately my current school didn't provide as special accounts. But I'ma postin this in case any of you guys were subscribed or were curious about it.
    • Bluecolty
      March 27, 2017, 9:41 am to Public
      Looks like my texture pack is going to be a couple of more weeks I accidentally deleted the whole new version while adding some filed. I don't even know how it happened, but its not even in my computers trash. Alright that'll be all. -Blue
      Bluecolty said 2017-03-29 07:25:19
      Oh nope it's just mine I'm not good enough to do that one (or would be dead if that happened to the GF pack xD)
      CityC02 said 2017-03-29 01:29:21
      Is it the Greenfield pack, or some other one?
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    • Bluecolty
      February 14, 2017, 10:11 am to Public
      I suppose I'll use this nifty thingamabobber sorta like minecraft facebook xD to my advantage. Eh, I added the link to my youtube although you could check it out but its pretty cringe. But Blue’s workin’ on getting a pretty sweet beginning title. Other than that I think Im going to postpone the release of my texture pack for another week or sobecause of the fact of converting all of the paintings to 32 resolution. Arg. See now this nifty wall posting thing is great because instead of update abusing the texture pack Blue can do it off of here. Pretty coolio if you ask me. Ok well das it. -Blue
      (if only there was a way to resize this box to be narrow, oh well)
      TheCactus27 said 2017-02-15 16:30:30
      Bluecolty said 2017-02-15 15:38:37
      Haha yea my first subscriber was a friend too. But thanks and good luck to yours as well!
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    • Bluecolty
      February 9, 2017, 4:54 pm to Public
      Gotta say these new profile updates look pretty awesome and add a lotta cool new stuff. This is just a test post so I can sorta get the hang of it. Whether or not I'll use this in the future I'm not really sure xD
      CVerse said 2017-02-16 01:24:08
      Ikr?! Now all that's left for this website update is the forums, which I heard should be arriving soon
      Bluecolty said 2017-02-14 10:13:38
      looks like i can comment back >:D
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