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    Very Important Please Read! :D

    F2U: Adventure Time Icons by LilMissSunBear


    Hai I'm Deeerpy!
    Im going to try as hard as i can to make this come true and if u subscribe then that will be one more step to my dreams
    and thank you! yeah I don't have much to say and I finish school a couple of days ago! so I will be able to make more skins and maybe texture packs and projects so with you support that will help also! I would also like to make a lot of new friends it would be fun to have more friends on the internet! I don't go up to a random stranger and be like "HI WANNA BE FRIENDS HERE IS MY EMAIL ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER :D" O.o if you do that don't be aware of stalkers!

    1.Don't steal my skins! unless you are using a base but you have to give credit!!!
    2.Don't copy!
    3.ples don't hate keep to yo selfs
    4.Report to me if something is wrong with the skin I uploaded! or I won't know!
    UNDERTALE BATCH - free icons by CaptainKees
    UNDERTALE BATCH 2 - free icons by CaptainKees


    Your Lucky cause I ran out of anime or I forgot their names D:

    More Stuff About me and minecraft!

    Minecraft username: Deeerpy

    Minecraft servers I play on!
    BeanBlockz -
    UberMC -
    Hypixel -
    MineCats -
    Mc central -
    I will most likely be on creative servers if you want to visit my plot!

    Haters ;O;
    Pls don't hate I work very hard on these skins and It would hurt my feelings
    if you said - it's ugly! it's stupid!
    Don't forget to give a diamond and subscribe for more skins

    Ouran Free Icons Pack by nyharu

    if you have read thus far thanks!
    Thank you by hase-illustration
    free FNAF2 icons! by RRRAI

    Fanart~ (will give credit)


    awesome people!

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