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    hi im too lazy to put music ish here so this is now the info square lmao

    about requests
    - requests are either free or $5
    - free requests are backed up to a month
    - payed requests are done within 3 days
    - payed requests are always ope (pls i need money)

    digital art - open
    pixel art - open
    traditional art - open
    skins - open
    interviews - open
    suggestions - always open!

    warnings before messaging me
    my personality sometimes changes to Daran. he doesn't mean to be
    rude or intimidating, he just does not know when to stop.
    he is also very timid and easily unnerved, keep in mind when messaging.
    sometimes he likes to type in Japanese because he's a weeb
    (im kidding he thinks the language is beautiful)
    i typically am ebby, so don't worry about Daran too much.

    mental state stats (keep in mind when talking with me)
    Not feeling 100%, but doing okay. c:

    sticker's i've made
    i'd prefer if you would credit me, but it's okay if you don't. c:

    (cloud art not mine)

  • 私 私 大きい 男の子

    2 HOURS UNTIL I SEE NAGA!!!1!!!4!;!($$/

    'bout me
    Hello! I am no longer making skins, but I'm still online quite a bit! I also still take skin requests, I just do not post them.

    - ebby, 15, gender confused rat
    - naga is my bab
    - i'm an INFP personality type
    - i'm an ambivert
    - i love dodie, amazingphil, danisnotonfire,
    aphmau, and crankthatgameplays
    - my favorite bands are tøp, melanie martinez, sleeping with sirens,
    ed sheeran, the 1975, troye sivan, bastille, and that poppy
    - i play ukulele
    social media
    - spotify: imthatwhovian
    - facebook page: Ebullience
    - skindex: iHasACupCake
    - youtube channel - mineedsspace
    - recolor.me: princebby

    requests, trades, and collabs status
    trades: closed
    collabs: open
    skin requests: closed
    art requests: open
    suggestions: always open :D

    m'ladies and m'gents
    - kirei (not my boyfriend)
    - IIFlamingRose (rwby trash fren)
    - xDovewingx (lil sister)
    - Beverly (roleplay bud)
    - mrloverman (dodie trash fren)
    - peachiee (super cool fren)
    - uhhh (therapy patient)
    - Bodzilla (the 1975 trash fren)
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