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Minecraft: EchocallingEarth

Who is EchocallingEarth, well besides the guy writing this silly about bio.?.

Well in short I'm a creator who has been playing for about a year. I've built hundreds of buildings, dozens of Redstone inventions and yes a bunch of what-evers. BUT and here is the but... I am far to picky. With many many items never making the cut. I don't destroy them but I don't return to them. I built more then I can count and I've forgotten more then I care to remember.
Okay so what else to tell... Hmm

Well I love to build and I don't care to play. So I've been lucky enough to have SMAWarrior come to play with me. He test my builds, and then he test them again. The playable builds are noted and the rest well their there somewhere.

...and wait there's more...

I have a bunch of ideas, built items, buildings etc. all waiting to be finished shared and played by you the Minecrafters of the world...

And that is EchoCallingEarth