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    Hey guys I'm

    My Youtube Channel

    Hack The Planet

    Teen l Irish l Male l Trash
    Defo not proud to be Irish.

    Welcome to my profile!
    I'm ElectroSeptic and I make things that are trash, smh.
    Also, please don't repost my work without crediting me or getting my permission first <3
    My username is not meant to be related to anyone else's names
    (like "JackSepticEye," as one of my irl friends informed me). Just throwing
    that out there :P

    Enjoy your stay!

    Yay going to Croatia in a few weeks super excited for that! Should have fun :D

    Woah New Profile Layout gonna take a while till I figure out how this works :P

    Not much to say but thanks to Skeptiical for this drawing :)

    And this is my edited version

    2017..The Final Attempt..Conquer or Perish, Only the Smartest and Toughest will survive...
    , little to late for that now huh?

    Profile Revamp done :D Cleaner know, but sadly no more gifs... :(

    Happy New Year 2k17! Hopefully this year will be better then the last :P, sorry I haven't posted anything after the Cyborg but tbh I actually have 4 skins drafted, I just have to post them :P Including a special post
    of a celebrity skin hehe, I have a big crush on her so yeah... I just don't know what to do... send help plz.

    Merry Christmas Everyone!!! Hope your having fun or something :P I know I said I'd post more but come on I don't have a lot of time tbh so you know, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

    Huggsies :D?

    Since 3/1/2017. I used to have one of these before but then stuff happened.
    STATUS: Bored and don't know what to do, because that's always fun to do.I'm not going to be active pretty much at all...
    About Me!

    ⊗ I live in Ireland, not nice weather and neither are the people, well depends where you live in Ireland.

    ⊗ My native language is English but I know Croatian, Serbian, and most of the other Balkan Country languages, Irish (aka the language that kills you when people force you to learn it smh) and I am learning French and Spanish.

    ⊗ Previously known as:
    Master G
    Zero G

    ⊗ Likes:
    Geography (Maps and stuff)
    Formula 1
    Pain >:D (depends what kind of pain)
    Mallorca, Lanzarote, California, Canada (mainly places nicer then Ireland)

    ⊗ Dislikes:
    Insects (even butterflies and ladybugs)
    Justin Bieber
    Busy places
    Lots of people in one place.
    Being Tired

    Phone number! (If you want to contact me)
    085 222 2Smexy for you ;)
    I ain't that stupid :P

    Favourite Music (always adding more)

    Lucky Strike-Maroon 5

    Harder To Breath-Maroon 5

    Nightmare-Love Automatic

    Can't Stop-Maroon 5

    Maps - Maroon 5

    Animals - Maroon 5

    Don't Wanna Know-Maroon 5
    (btw Most Maroon 5 Songs)

    Just Lose It- Eminem

    7 Years-Lukas Graham

    Tears-Clean Bandit


    Rockabye Baby-Clean Bandit

    Cake By The Ocean-DNCE

    Into You- Ariana Grande

    Light Me Up-Phlex

    Gangster's Paradise-Coolio

    Sucker For Pain-Wiz Khalifa,Lil Wayne, Imagine Dragons

    Heathens-21 Pilots

    I've Got The Power-Snap

    The Greatest-Sia

    I'm Blue-Eiffel 65

    Let Me Love You-DJ Snake

    Counting Stars - OneRepublic

    Stressed Out-21 Pilots

    Kiss from a Rose-Seal

    Fireflies (Remix by Said the Sky) - Owl City

    Cooler Than Me-Mike Posner

    Figure it Out-Royal Blood

    Can't Touch This-MC Hammer

    I need a dollar-Aloe Black

    Popular-Eric Saade
    Spectre-Alan Walker

    Invincible-DEAF KEV

    My Heart-Different Heaven&EH!DE

    The City-Madeon

    The White Stripes-Seven Nation Army

    Lux Aeterna (Lucas Fader Remix)-Clint Mansell

    Tetris Theme A

    Nekozilla-Different Heaven




    Who are you?
    Type 1.
    I am your god, your master, your senpai....

    Type 2.Don't mind me, just another typical everyday teenager who spends 100% of his spare time on the internet

    How old are you?
    I will never reveal >:D *realizes it clearly says an age at the top....* smh nvm. Electric people never die?

    Are you a male or female?
    Give me a second to check that again.... hehe male. I'm not funny am I?

    How active are you on PMC?
    Lately not much whatsoever to be honest, I don't have a lot of time thats a lie, I'm just lazy. Before though I used to post almost every day XD.

    Why is your name ElectroSeptic?
    Well my favourite type of music is Electro/Techno and I always loved that kind of blue electricity colour and well the word Septic can mean like embrace or sucked into it so I guess ElectroSeptic means I embrace the Electricity or something, idk. Anyway the reason I changed it is because I might be making a Youtube account, I don't know and I don't want Master G to be my name.

    Favorite games?
    Depends, changes fast so I'll just list out a few (I'll exclude Minecraft because...)
    -Prepar3d (Flight Simulator)
    -Call Of Duty
    -GTA IV/V
    -Watchdogs I/II
    -Arma III
    -Civilization V/VI
    -Rocket League
    -Dying Light
    -Plague Inc. Evolved
    -Cities Skylines
    -Car Mechanic Simulator
    -Tube Tycoon
    -Driver I/III/V

    Can I request a skin or some art from you?
    You can try :P, I probably won't take it since I don't have time to make the things I want to make let alone someone elses :P.

    Can you interview me?
    Not doing those anymore, used to but they are know well past my time. I done 60, I think that is more then enough.

    How often do you change your profile picture?
    Whenever I think mine has been on my profile for too long XD, sometimes I might put it because of holidays or some reason XD

    Are you actually friends with some of the moderators?
    Well since I only have one moderator subscriber, and thats because they subbed to me before the promotion, Idk
    I guess I always try to be nice friends with all of them but for some reason I just can't seem to fit in XD

    Personal Info?
    Teen smh
    Smart (I think)
    Blonde (I ain't German tho)
    Green Eyes (Green Blueish I guess)
    Irish (even though in my DNA it is 0% Irish)

    What football/soccer team do you support?
    I don't like it too much, I like soccer more for the statistics and flags and stuff like that :P But I do still have preferences :)

    •Premier League:

    •La Liga:
    -UD Las Palmas
    -FC Barcelona

    •La Liga 2:
    -RCD Mallorca


    Why is this FAQ short?
    Short for now but whenever a lot of people ask me another question I'll put it here :)
    Down Below I have:

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