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    • geooo
      May 19, 2017, 7:40 pm to Public
      spamming memes so ebby will notice me

      Image result for funny memes
      ThatGuyJake said 2017-05-19 22:17:19
      A riot? in Canada?! How could my bretheren have fallen so low?
    • geooo
      May 19, 2017, 7:34 pm to Public
      Related image
    • geooo
      May 19, 2017, 11:04 am to Public
      I made all my friends hate me in a single lunch period, new record huh
    • geooo
      May 14, 2017, 12:57 pm to Public
      Some people honestly just need to know what they're talking about before opening their mouths, not going into specifics here but for a human being to break down one's spirit is reprehensible, it's truly awful the way some people get treated especially when these two remarkable people are so proud of who they are; are so empowered and brave by their opinions and feelings for one another it truly astounds me that some people can be so heinous. Grow up please my brain cells die a little whenever your mouth moves.
    • geooo shared Prince Oceanus's post
      May 14, 2017, 12:54 pm with Public
      Prince Oceanus
      May 14, 2017, 12:53 am to Public
      Yet another announcement. This one is less...well, cheerful.

      Earlier today, both my beloved Beverly and I both announced that we are planning on getting married. Many of you were overjoyed at this aspect, but there were also those that decided to make a mockery of it. I'm not naming names; these people know who they are. I am sad to say that there may be no more Beverly, thanks to them.

      My future wife does have mental illness, yes. Her illness makes it so that she is not able to speak English as fluently as before. This does not mean that we are incapable of keeping a healthy marriage. I fully understand the risk I am taking with being married to a person with such a severe illness, but I'm very much willing to take that risk. I love her, and love triumphs over all things (please don't take that the wrong way).

      I know the "haters" felt they were being funny with their snide remarks about us not even meeting in real life, but in reality, you only broke down an already very broken person even more. Beverly now thinks that no one in the world likes her, thanks to those terrible people.

      That is definitely not something that she needs right now, especially since she is recovering from cutting. That is not funny at all. That is cyberbullying. She's already had enough bullying in her life.

      Please, we need your help to show Beverly that people really do care. That not everyone is a keyboard warrior sitting behind their computer screens telling people what will and won't happen. If you would like to help our cause, please share this post. I know I sound like every Facebook chain post creator on the planet, but this is very serious. Thank you.

      Peace, love, and tridents.
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