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Minecraft: Gramnaster21

Not much, I guess.

I had a dream though, that one day..my submissions would be judged not by the content of their titles, but by the colour of their skins.
I had a dream that over 100 would subscribe to me, hoping that they would receive a quality skin from the one they subscribed to.
I had a dream that Leostereo and Dinow would one day subscribe to me or perhaps simply leave a feedback on one my skins.
But until then, those will only be dreams;  I have to do my part.

Goals (Subscriptions):
1.) Subscription from cool skinners
2.) Subscription from normal PlanetMinecrafters.
3.) Subscription from the beyond beyond average skinners.

Goals (Submissions):
1.) Get a total of 50 diamonds.
2.) Get a total of 20 diamonds on a single submission.
3.) Get a total of 500 views
4.) Get a total of 200 views on a single skin.

Goals (Level):
1.) Reach level 5
2.) Reach level 15
3.) Reach level 25

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