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    Just someone making something on the internet. #life
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    • GummyBear_301
      April 26, 2017, 9:41 pm to Public
      YES!! The not-so-superhero contest is out. Good luck to anyone else entering.
    • GummyBear_301
      April 19, 2017, 10:24 pm to Public
      OMG! I should make more blogs/stories. Both of mine were on the popular reel so far, Thanks guys! I'll keep writing if you keep liking it. :)
    • GummyBear_301
      March 22, 2017, 11:02 pm to Public
      Please check out my new blog post for "And to a New Land He Goes!" Contest.
    • GummyBear_301
      March 19, 2017, 1:20 am to Public
      Just uploaded my skin for the "Lovecraft" competition. Got this skin out early so lets see if we can get alot of diamonds and win this thing!
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    The New Land: by Steve

    I approached the land,
    with its everlasting sand

    I see the trees so tall,
    yet the island so small

    Through rough seas at high speeds,
    everlasting tunnels and thick trees

    Four days and four nights,
    but I will never give up a fight

    Passing creatures as I grow near,
    a sigh of relief in my ear

    This foreign land,
    is where I stand

    Getting on to solid ground is probably the best felling anyone will ever experience after being at sea for so long. My hopes for survival grow weak and lack a sturdy foundation as there is no food in sight. After scavenging materials from my boat I go over what I have: two sticks, one banana, and four diamonds. I only have one problem, my banana is mushy. A cool waft rubs my shoulder and carries a sent that beckons me to come towards it. In a zombie like state, I follow it to a small geyser that an unlucky pig had been crossing a few minutes ago.

    Settling down for my meal my starvation was solved, at least for now. I gobble down half the pig and save the rest for breakfast tomorrow. Growing weak, I start punching some wood to make a crafting table in order to make a shelter but my fatigue has caught up to me. I need to rest. Before I can finish what I started I blackout. Just before I blacked out I saw a shadowing figure approach me, but now I can see nothing of it. The morning sun breaks the horizon as I resume what I was doing the night before. I manage to cut down the tree and craft myself a crafting table, from there I make a sword from my diamonds and sticks. Just in case.

    Nothing now can help me, I have been all around the island but have yet to find a source of food, i'll need to grow some crops. This is a difficult task at first but it will get easier over time. I have found a seed and was able to scavenge some materials to craft a hoe, these are the basics but it's enough. Over the past nights I keep seeing things missing from there place, this doesn't make sense, i'm the only one on the island.

    It turns out a new voyager came exploring and stumbled upon my island, I tried to establish ground rules with her but she's just wanted to look at the scenery. We had a fire tonight where she talked about her eventful journey and her encounter with Cthulhu, along with how she lost her hair tie. I have grown found of her and she of me, I think some day we could even start a family and be Steve and Alex Minecraft.

    A year later...

    My fiancee and I are building up civilization on "The New Land" and are very happy to be together. Where we once struggled we now flourish beyond capacity. Over time we have had many explores come and go but our population is now forty-eight people, we are impressed by the growth in our city. As it is our city we make the rules and our both the head (or in this case heads) of office as we couldn't leave the other one out.

    Our citizens are very happy and healthy, well, except for my beloved Alex. She has been sick for a few days now and the Dr.Notch feels she might not recover, it is a sad day for all of us. At last it has happened, I can not bear to stand the truth that my soul mate, my only, is gone. When her coffin is being lowered into the tip of the mountain, so she can stare at the scenery forever, I can not help but weep. Then a slight warm fuzzy felling went down me as I read the inscription on her headstone.

    "In The Arms Of Death We Are Met With Opportunity" -Alex

    These next days are tough as people try to cheer me up, but the truth is nothing can cheer me up. i've seen death at full force and it has hit me like a deer in headlights. Being the head (only one know) of office is hard, so much so I have quit. Needing sometime to relax I go down to the beach to find my old boat, the one I came in. Sprinting back to camp I grab an ore and head back down, I push the boat out and set sail. Drifting long into the day it start growing night, thats when I feel the best.

    A cool breeze floats over my face as the evening sun warms my toes. As the water shimmers so do the bright red letters on the side of my boat, The Alex. These combined send a felling I missed for so long, happiness. To this I say to myself, "whenever you lose yourself to tragic events such as death you cannot have grief and feel sorry for yourself, instead you must learn to cope with it and push it aside. Cause if we cannot leave it, we cannot go past it."

    The Open Sea: by GummyBear_301

    Nothing, nothing. Nothing!

    I am in the middle of the ocean but lack any knowledge of how I got here. A creaky, small wooden boat with only a partly filled water bottle, two cans of beans, and me. This is where I lay.

    Awaking from my slumber, I glance around and notice a dead fish that disturbs me as it’s drifting by. Quickly releasing whats going on I snatch up the fish and toss it beside the beans. I know i’ll regret it later but I eat half a can of beans and gulp down half the water to help my parched throat. Looking out from the tip off the boat I stare, I don’t know why I do this or what i’m noticing. It’s all the same. Around me, there is nothing.

    The morning, or evening, It’s hard to tell, sun beats its rays down on me. I feel fatigued by this direct heat beaming down on me for however long. Needing to cool down I lower myself into the water, it is the best feeling i've ever had as the cold water touches my skin. After about five minutes of laying in the water a smooth, gle like object rubs against my foot. I immediately tense up, and like a panicked cat, start flailing my arms around to get back into the boat.

    That wasn’t the best thing I ever did, or thought of doing, but I have escaped those traitorous waters. As I take off my soaked clothes and lay them out to dry I do the same for myself. Then, for no apparent reason, the world starts spinning around me and a horn blares in the distance, everything is disorientating, so much so I close my eyes. And wait. And wait.

    Sensing that's it’s finally over I wake up, it has stopped. The spinning, the sounds, everything. I am in a creaky, small wooden boat with only a partly filled water bottle and two cans of beans. Nothing but the vast surrounding water rocking my boat to look at, but something feels off. I look around, where's the fish?
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