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Minecraft: karstvgl

Hey guys!
I am karstvgl
I am a gamer who enjoys to also do a bit on the background.
Currently I am one of the maintainers of the popular texturepack CoterieCraft, which sadly got removed from PMC for a reason I still don't understand.

I am part of the following communities:
Brainfart Community
Monstercat Family Hub
XPD (Xisumavoid PvP Domain (Though it is not anymore a PvP Domain))

My current favorite games are:
- Minecraft
- Pokémon (Omega Ruby, most active on there, so yeah)
- Grand Theft Auto V

My current favorite series (Cartoons/Anime):
- Pokémon XY: The Series
- Hyperdimension Neptunia [Completed]
- Gravity Falls
- My Little Pony (No, that does not mean I am directly brony, I do enjoy the series, but I am not a too big fan to call myself it ;P)

My current favorite music:
- Monstercat (!!!!)
- Approaching Nirvana
- Other EDM
Favorite EDM genres:
1. Future Bass
2. Happy Hardcore
3. DnB
4. Moombahton (a substyle in GlitchHop)

Don't forget to checkout the links down below!
I also make youtube video's so if you'd like to watch some of them: Click Here
If you want to sub me push dis link: http://bit.ly/JotGSubscribe
I am almost 18 years old currently, my birthday is on october 29 1997.

(Last Updated: 8 - 20 - 15)

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