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    Hello! I'm Mari, but you can call me whatever you like! (unless it's derogatory)

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    Gender: Female

    Age/Grade: 16 (Apr. 20) // 10th grade (Homeschooled)

    Likes: Movies, Undertale, Overwatch, Monstercat, Art, Writing, Reading, and much more

    Other Info: I play clarinet, cello, and a little piano. I attend the Northeast Texas Academy of Fine Arts, where I participate in the Intermediate and Advanced Bands. I've been drawing for most of my life, and though I'm not where I want to be artistically, I strive daily to improve my style. I'm in a youth bowling league, as well as a travel league team where we bowl roughly twice a month in various alleys in our region. My current average score is between 160-170.

    I have scopophobia, the fear of being watched. I developed scopophobia more recently, accompanied by shaky hands and an aversion to public places. I get anxious in crowded areas, paranoid that someone will try to snatch me, my siblings, or my belongings. It sounds silly, but it gives me anxiety. I get hypertensive even when someone comes and looks over my shoulder at my computer.

    Also don't jump-scare me or I will literally murder you.

    I'm also chronically lazy and have dumb excuses for not doing important things :D

    all images used on my profile belong to their respective owners. i claim nothing.

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