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    *they/them, please

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    oliver :: jeoni :: mom :: ava ::
    zahra :: andrea :: kyle

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    do not steal, or edit, any of my skins

    thank you, darling

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  • purple ♢

    everything looks so pretty !!

    i'm very edgy, and very mainstream !!

    you can't force someone to be happy, you have to give them some time to let them figure out their happiness you have to be there for them listening to them showing that you care. even if it's someone you hate, or you once had a crush on. you just need to remember that you show that you care about them.
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  • purple ♢

    i'm very social, and friendly so don't mind me !!

    i am in love with musicals, and creepypasta, and very into roleplay.

    i'm in love with ben j pierce, connor franta, dodie clark, thomas sanders, and lucy moon.
    i'm also in love with tyler oakley because he gets me just totally relatable.

    i'm a procrastinator, so if i don't answer you i'm sorry but don't explode !!

    i'm a very busy person so don't be mad !!


    demi - sexual and poly !

    very into shows, and youtubers

    loves tumblr, and youtube