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Minecraft: Vladagast

Hello, my name is Pecoliky and I am minecraft skin and map maker, artist, server host, texture pack editor and creator!

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A few questions people asked me before:

Can you make me a custom skin?
Yes of course, send me a message and I will see what I can do!

Do you make resource packs?
I do, in fact, I use a custom one. For legal reasons I can't upload the whole pack but I will make sure that I upload my additions in a separate pack.

What servers are you hosting?
I host two currently private MMORPG servers. More info will be released with time.

Do you draw? If so, where?
You have my DeviantArt below, I do both classic and digital. Mostly, I don't upload my drawings but I have some. I usually edit existing images if anyone needs.

What are you drawing?
Manga/Anime characters, My own manga, Pixel art, Icons, Logos, Backgrounds, etc.

Could you make something customized for me?
Yeah, if you need something, or have a commission, let me know in the messages!

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