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    Q: Can I has request?!?! ;)))
    A; Check request status

    Q: Wha do you use to make skins?!
    A: I map out an unshaded outfit on because it has the mirror option, then I add hair and shade it in MCSkin23D.

    Q: I need frends can we has pm chat PLZZ?!
    A: I do not do PMs. Don't even try. Comment on a submission please.

    Q: Can we do sknin tradZ?
    A: Sure! Skin trades are always open!

    Q: u suk
    A: That's not a question but okay, thank you. :)

    Q: Why do you call Madato your wife even though you claim to be a christian with a boyfriend?
    A: Because she's my best friend and because we're weird. Yes I am a christian but don't try that sexuality debate. And my boyfriend knows. He thinks it's funny because it's a JOKe. I swear to Irene if ONE more persons asks that dgjvcwhcvjcfgkmj.

    Q: Aphmau skins?
    A: NO more. I made like 2, but lately Aphmau has been TICKING me off and I am sick of her. I only care about Zane and Garroth. The end.

    Q: Do you have a life?
    A: No. Why do you think I'm here?

    Q: Why so edgy?
    A: Look, I don't mean to be. I'm not trying to be emo or anything. I just come off as an edgelord to people. The galaxy stuff? Science is my favorite subject and I love studying space.
    The manga styled pics for my profile picture? I like the art style. That's it.
    In reality, I am generally shy and happy on the outside. Inwardly, I'm a mega dork who loves pokemon, yelling, smiling, and making terrible puns to appease the gods and annoy my friends. Please do not label me as an emo wannabe because I am not.

    Who do you think I am, Gladion?
  • Me

    Hi. I'm Peytato. (Or Pey, or Ash.)

    Enjoy my garbage!


    About Me I guess

    I like space. (No duh.)
    I make skins or something.
    I am taken in reality by an amazing boyfriend.
    I am a female.
    I have social anxiety, so I may be awkward if you try to have a conversation.
    I'm a scoliosis patient, but I am pulling through :,) It's not serious enough that I require surgery, but I do get pains if I stand too long, dance wrong, sit in awkward chairs. Closing my eyes while standing is NOT good because I tilt. ^^;
    I have 2 amazing best friends, Maddie and Rhiannon.
    But I never get to see Rhiannon anymore and it hurts so much.
    I believe in God, but if you are Christian,Atheist,Agnostic,Gay,Straight,Bi,Pan,Ace,Poly,Trans,Black,White,anything, I will welcome you open arms, and will never judge you. ♥
    I cannot stand when people misuse the word, "Aesthetic," just to sound either cooler or emo.
    Actual definition

    I am homeschooled, but I am not, "Sheltered." I just do the same work as anyone else, in my pajamas without social stress.
    I really, REALLY love dogs.
    I am from the southern part of the U.S.A so if I seem... country.
    I sorta am. I try not to let it show, however. XD
    I am recovering from being a 100% weeb. Still undergoing therapy. I'm at about the halfway point.

    I love Markiplier. Ohmigosh. I get to act as him in my co-op drama skit and e E.
    I love Pokemon. (Not Pokemon GO. GO walk off a cliff.) and am currently dexnav chaining for Shiny Ralts please send medical assistance.
    I like long, obsolete words in effort to make myself sound more photosynthesis.

    A word that best expresses me is:

    In a nutshell, that's me. Now, time for gifs and picture and random stuff.


    Cool stuff

    Cute stuff

    Me and Madtato.
    She's actually that smol. -w-

    Madtato when someone upsets me. ^^

    Please do not be like, "OH MY SQUASH. Y DO U SHIP DIS?!?!?!"
    My boyfriend's nickname is Papyrus. I am Chara. Shut up, haters.

    Now DonnAlyn.
    (Maddie, you knew it was coming~)

    More DonnAlyn, in its other form.

    Actual important stuff lolol
    Requests: CLOSED
    Skin Trades: ALWAYS open
    Reshades: Maybe.

    DO NOT PM ME. I'm sorry. PMs make me VERY uncomfortable.
    Please do not swear on my page. I have a young sister who checks on my page, and she doesn't need to see anything bad. :/
    Hate me or my work? Okay, I get that, but tell me respectively, I will usually delete hate comments, but if they're serious enough for reporting, I will save them as proof.

    Support Stamps!
    If you are not up here, please do not be upset. It takes me awhile to find them all, and put them up here, and I am sorry if you are not up here. I will try ASAP. =)

    Dad/Inspiration ^^^^^^^^^

    Some weirdo ;) ^^^^^^^^
    Set It Off
    BTS (Still getting into them. ;3 )
    Toby Fox (His Undertale soundtrack is just.. woah.)
    -more but I'm sort of lazy-


    Dad's Song (Set It Off)
    Jack's Lament (LucariosKlaw Cover)
    Gimme Chocolate!! (BABYMETAL)
    Undertale (Toby Fox)
    Senbonzakura (WhiteFlame)
    Horrible Kids (Set It Off)
    Death by Glamour (Toby Fox)
    Headphone Actor (IA)
    Crossing Field (Amalee Cover ♥)

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    Made by my beautiful best friend, Madtato.
    No matter how stupid I am and when I get upset, she stays by my side and comforts me.

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